R. A. G. Lee Cup (General Philately)

This cup was donated by Ron Lee, the founder of the Society, for an entry devoted to stamps. Postal stationery and revenue stamp exhibits are also usually judged under this heading.


  1. Entries should comprise adhesive or impressed stamps of Great Britain and can include used or unused material, postal stationery, essays and proofs, the whole devised to illustrate some aspects of the pre-issue stage, the design or production of the stamps or characteristics of the issued material. "Stamps" includes postage, revenue, telegraph, railway and local stamps. Entries eligible to be entered in the Martin Willcocks Award Competition should not be included in the R. A. G. Lee.
  2. This Competition is open to all members of the Society except the winners of this Competition in the immediately preceding two years.
  3. Each entry shall consist of the equivalent of sixteen sheets.
  4. Judges shall mark the entry in line with the current ABPS marking structure as per the table below.
Category Sub-category Marks
Treatment and Importance Treatment 20 30
Importance 10
Knowledge and Research Knowledge 20 35
Personal Study and Research 15
Condition and Rarity Condition 10 30
Rarity 20
Presentation 5 5


Year Winner Subject (where recorded)
1979 Mike Jackson Not recorded
1980 D. L. S. Ogden Not recorded
1981 N. H. Howard Not recorded
1982 Leslie Wilkinson Not recorded
1983 P. J. Markham Not recorded
1984 A. Hackett Not recorded
1985 J. M. Jackson Not recorded
1986 K. Billinghurst Not recorded
1987 Dr J. M. H. Brooks Not recorded
1988 Dr I. Ray Not recorded
1989 Harry Dagnall Not recorded
1990 R. Clive-Smith Not recorded
1991 Alan Sabey Not recorded
1992 A. M. Gilbert Not recorded
1993 W. A. Wiseman Not recorded
1994 Bob Champion Not recorded
1995 Chris Harman Not recorded
1996 D. F. Evans Not recorded
1997 I. Harvey Not recorded
1998 G. Raspin Not recorded
1999 Bob Champion Not recorded
2000 Alan Sabey The British Empire Exhibition of 1924‑5
2001 Tony Walker 4d Value of the Pre-Decimal Machin Definitives
2002 Leslie Wilkinson KGV: The High Value Stamps
2003 S. Beresford-Wylie The 1d Black, A General Study
2004 P. Dawson KGVI 10/- Dark Blue
2005 Peter Tanner KGV Photogravure Issue - Trials to Issued Stamps
2006 David Milsted Army Official Departmental Issues 1896/1904
2007 Edward Caesley Registered letter envelopes issued between Jan and Aug 1878
2008 Tony Walker The 5d Royal Blue Machin Definitive
2009 Fred Smallbone King George V Downey Head Die 1A
2010 David Milsted Queen Victoria ½d Vermilion Army Official Issues
2011 Iain Stevenson The Victorian Letter Card
2012 Bob Galland The First Three Surface Printed Postage Stamps
2013 Peter Shaw The Decimal Castles 1988-1999 and the problems encountered
2014 Tony Stanford The British Bechuanaland ½d Vermilion
2015 Main:
Ray Simpson
Evolution of British Stamp Perforation 1840 to 1880
Robert Benninghoff
The Collection of Postage Due Fees in Ireland 1914‑1926
2016 Martin Lloyd GB Line Engraved One Penny Stamps Used in Malta with 'A25' Cancellations
2017 Tony Walker The Pre-Decimal Machin High Values
2018 Robin Cassell Fores's 'National' Series of Mulready Caricatures
2019 Chris Symonds The Victorian £1 Oblong Postage Stamps 1883-1901
2020 Chris Harman Bank Note Duty
2021 Maurice Buxton Queen Victoria ½d Pink Stamped to Order Postcards
2022 Chris Symonds The Victorian 5s Postage Stamps 1867-1901
2023 Physical:
Chris Hibbert
Maltese Crosses on Mulready Postal Stationery
Matthew Healey
The Stamps that Built the Welfare State: United Kingdom Health Insurance Stamps 1912-1948