R.A.G. Lee Cup

Martin Willcocks Award

MacPherson Cup

Theo Jones Salver

Secretaries' Cup

From 2023, there will be three competitions, each in two formats (called "physical" and "virtual"), in order for as wide a range of the membership as possible to participate.

The "physical" competitions are for standard entries brought (or delivered) to the annual Competitions Day Meeting at the RPSL. Entries in the "virtual" competitions will be in the form of scans, and will be displayed on the website.

All competitions are open to any member of the GBPS (except the winners in the preceding two years in some cases).

The three classes and their awards are:

  • R. A. G. Lee Cup (donated by Ronald A. G. Lee, the founder of the Society), for an entry devoted to stamps or postal stationery.
  • Martin Willcocks Award (donated by Martin Willcocks who was Society President 1980-1982), for an entry of postal history.
  • Theo Jones Open Class Salver (presented in memory of Theo Jones who died in 1996), for an entry on any philatelic subject, which can contain material not eligible for inclusion in the other Competitions.

The actual trophies will be awarded to those exhibits received in a "physical" format. These will be judged on the day of the Competition and will be awarded the cup, a memento and a certificate. The "virtual" entries will be judged in the weeks before the Competition, and the winners will receive a memento and a certificate.

In addition, there are two special awards for entries in the "physical" competitions:

  • MacPherson Cup (donated by Revd R. MacPherson who died in 1977), for an entry in any of the classes by a member who has not previously won a GBPS competition or national award. (Previously a separate competition.)
  • Secretaries' Cup (donated by two past Secretaries, Philip D'Arcy and Richard Payne), can be awarded at the Judges' discretion to an entry considered to show a high degree of promise.