2001 (Newsletters 267-272)

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NL 267, January/February 2001 (20pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 New Members
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 Disenchanted Competitor
by Trevor Pickering [M]
2 Judging Philatelic Exhibitions
by Stephen Holder [L]
3 Social Philately – Source Material
by Robert Heron [S]
4 T.M.B./G.P.O.?
by Harry Dagnall [M]
5 Still Foxed?
by Edgar Smith [M]
5 KGV Surfers
by Steven Bainbridge [S]
5 Loose Ends
by Jean Alexander [S]
6 Divisions in the GBPS
by Harry Dagnall, Robin Tibbenham [M]
6 Dealers' Directory
7 Practical Research: Part 1
by Phil Kenton [L]
7 King George VI 1d (SG 463)
by Peter Worsfold [S]
8 Annual Subscription Reminder [S]
10 Naval Matters in the Orkneys
by Sam Lawrence, Tony Walker [L]
12 Black Plate 8: Repairs to the 1841 1d Red‑Brown
by Bill Bird, David Lewthwaite, Winston Hollins [M]
13 Oxidation: Cause and Cure
by Philip Robinson, Frank Allan [L]
13 Whole Numbers [S]
13 Cavendish Auctions [S]
14 French Connection [S]
14 Self‑Adhesives
by Toby Messenger [S]
14 Machins: The Modern Classics
by Tony Walker [L]
17 Philatelic Reports [S]
18 The York Meeting [S]
18 The President Writes — Chris Harman
18 Melton Mowbray Material Wanted
by Mike Jackson [S]
19 Spring Stampex 2001 – Press Release [M]
20 GBPS Publications [M]

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NL 268, March/April 2001 (20pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 Divisions in the GBPS
by Charles Reid [M]
2 New Members
3 2001 Competition Results
3 Reflections on the Society's Competitions
by Austin Davis [M]
4 The Perils of Competition Judging
by Fred Taylor [L]
5 Competitions and Judging
by Philip Robinson [S]
6 DIY Display Frame
by Tony Walker [S]
6 Philatelic Grooming and Fine Tuning
by Gavin Littaur [S]
6 Bishop Marks
by Martin Willcock [S]
7 Society Mini‑Auction 17 March 2001: Urgent
by Bill Bird [S]
7 Shreves Auction Gallery [S]
7 Millennium Issues: A Resignation Matter
by Leslie Wilkinson [S]
7 Dealers' Directory
8 The President Writes — Chris Harman
8 For the Poetically Minded ...
by Frank Allan [S]
8 Posting the GBJ/Newsletter
by Leslie Wilkinson [S]
9 Subscriptions: Final Reminder [S]
9 Black Plate 8 Repairs
by Dave Leivers, Martin Jenkinson [S]
9 Can You Help: Plating the Line‑Engraved
by František Neuzil [S]
9 GB Decimal Stamp Book Study Circle
by Roger Knights [S]
10 A View of Wildings
by Robin Tibbenham [L]
12 Initial Problems
by Sam Lawrence, Martin Evans, Max Melrose, Fred Taylor [L]
13 Rumblings at the Royal [S]
14 Self‑Adhesives
by Edgar Smith [S]
14 Forged King George VI First Day Covers
by Edgar Smith [S]
14 Further Archiving and Reading
by Edgar Smith [S]
14 Philately on the Radio [S]
15 Can You Help: Postal Stationery [Mannheimer]
by Burkhart Beer [S]
15 Can You Help: Booklet Advertising
by Robin Tibbenham [S]
15 Free Philatelic 'Want List' Web Site Service [S]
16 Machins
by Charles Reid [M]
16 Whole Numbers and the Newsletter
by Harry Dagnall [S]
16 Spink [S]
16 Meeting and Drinks at Stanley Gibbons: 7 December 2000 [S]
17 Great Britain Philatelic Society: York Weekend Meeting 27‑28 July 2001 [L]
19 Binders for the GB Journal [S]
19 Society Tie [S]
20 Glasgow 2000 – Items from Charles Reid's Display
by Charles Reid [S]

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NL 269, May/June 2001 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
1 The British Philatelic Trust (BPT) [S]
2 In Passing
by Geoffrey Eves [S]
2 New Members
2 GBPS Library
by Nick Wraith [S]
2 North of Watford Brigade [S]
3 T.M.B./G.P.O.: The Debate Continues
by Sam Lawrence, Tony Wiseman, Harry Dagnall [M]
3 Not Bucks
by Martin Evans [S]
4 Rarity is Common, Quality is Rare (TM) [Pichai sale]
by Gavin Littaur [L]
7 More on the Society Competitons
by Harry Dagnall, Allan Jones [S]
8 Thistle Censor
by Frank Schofield [S]
8 Self‑Adhesives
by Harry Dagnall [S]
8 Dealers' Directory
9 Black Plate 8
by Martin Jenkinson [M]
9 Stamps for Charity
by Eddie Pellegrom [S]
9 Italian Correspondent [S]
9 July Summer Break in York [S]
10 Autumn Stampex
by Andrew Claridge [S]
10 Shades [S]
10 M&S Stamps [S]
10 Andrew Lajer/Andrew Claridge [S]
10 Cavendish [S]
10 Spink [S]
10 Middle East Success
by M.A. Sayeed [S]
11 The Stamp Show 2000 Grand Prix
by Tony Walker [S]
12 Divisions in the GBPS
by David Ackroyd, Robin Tibbenham, Tony Walker [M]
12 Scottish Mileage Marks
by John Calladine [S]
13 York Weekend 26‑29 July: News Update [M]
14 Foxing Returns
by Philip Robinson, Tony Wiseman [L]
15 Society Displays: British Postal Stationery and the Levant
Display by Alan Huggins
Report by Ian Harvey
16 Society Displays: The Taxman Cometh
Display by Tony Wiseman
Report by Ian Harvey
17 Society Displays: Scottish Postal History
Display by Robert Hepworth
18 Paper and Paper Coatings
by Robin Tibbenham [M]
18 Book on Offer [S]
18 Bits and Pieces
by Robin Tibbenham [S]
19 Preservation, Conservations and Archives
by Edgar Smith [L]
20 Practical Research: Part 2
by Phil Kenton [L]
22 2000 New Issues
23 GBPS Auction Vendor Submission Form [L]

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NL 270, July/August 2001 (20pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
1 12 Months of the Newsletter
by Tony Walker [S]
2 The President Writes — Chris Grimshaw
2 New Members
2 New Book: The Work of Jean de Sperati II by Robson Lowe and Carl Walske
3 Wilding Issues in the GBJ
by Andrew Whitworth [S]
3 Areas of Interest
by Ian Harvey [S]
3 QEII Book Request
by Paul Stanton [S]
3 Early Perforations
by Scott Treacey [S]
4 Julian Chapman Memorial Scholarship [S]
4 A Note from the Emirates
by M.A. Sayeed [L]
6 Spink and the 'Royal' Auction May 2001
by Chris Harman [L]
8 Binding of GB Journal
by Ian Harvey [S]
8 Last Post: Zeev Barak
by Andrew Lajer
8 Dealers' Directory
9 Letter to the Editor [competitions]
by Robin Tibbenham [M]
9 Stop Press
by Ken Baker [S]
10 Last Update on the York Weekend [L]
11 Lost and Found
by Ian Harvey [S]
11 Grosvenor Auctions [S]
12 Competitions and Exhibitions
by Ray Simpson, Chris Harman [M]
12 Conservation
by Leslie Wilkinson [S]
13 Member's Request from Sweden
by Margaretha Raab [S]
13 Postal Stationery Stamps [cutouts]
by Harvey Russell [S]
13 Bulgarian Request [S]
13 New E‑mail Addresses [S]
13 Cover Corner
by Richard Parks [S]
14 Paper and Coatings – Coatings and Gum for the Modern Specialist
by Edgar Smith, John Pearce, Michael Berwick [L]
16 Telegraph Stamps and Initials Cancellations
by Sam Lawrence [S]
16 Time for a Change on Two Counts? [meter marks]
by Harry Dagnall [M]
17 Society Displays: Norfolk Postal History
Display by Patrick Pearson
Report by Ian Harvey
18 Society Displays: Booklet Production and Distribution
Display by Ian Harvey
Report by Ian Harvey
19 Society Displays: Circular Delivery Company and College Stamps
Display by Chris Harman
Report by Ian Harvey

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NL 271, September/October 2001 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 The President Writes — Chris Harman
2 New Members
3 Members and the Newsletter
by Edgar Smith, Scott Treacey, John Pearce, Robin Tibbenham, John Calladine, Tim Burgess [M]
3 Auctions and Dealers [S]
4 Unappropriated Dies
by Chris Harman [M]
4 Postal Stationery Stamps [cutouts]
by Michael Lockton [S]
4 ABPS News [S]
5 Wildings
by Anthony Blackstock [M]
5 Wilding 2½d: Help Needed
by Martin Oakes [S]
6 Cover Corner [Parliamentary mail]
by David Holl [M]
6 How About a Page Page?
by Tony Walker [S]
6 Auctions and Dealers [S]
7 Next Auction
by Fred Taylor [S]
7 Book: Stamp Perforation: The Somerset House Years 1840‑1880
by Peter Sargent [S]
7 Dealers' Directory
8 Coatings and Gum
by Robin Tibbenham, Austin Barnes [M]
8 ½d Line‑Engraved of 1870 (SG 48/49)
by John Burn [L]
10 Society Displays: King George VI High Values and 2d Blue Plate Numbers on Cover
Display by Robert Johnson
Report by Ian Harvey
12 Society Displays: History of Telegraphs
Display by Iain Stevenson
Report by Ian Harvey
14 Questionnaire Coming Up [S]
14 Literary Success [S]
15 Exhibiting and Competing
by Ray Barton [S]
15 Reflections on York
by Tony Walker [M]
16 York: A Dealer's Reflection
by David Shaw [S]
16 Society Competitions: A Potted History
by Allan Jones [L]
18 AGM 46 Minutes
18 AGM 46 Reports
22 Bits and Pieces
by Robin Tibbenham [S]
22 Conservation Matters
by John Calladine [S]
23 GBPS Auction Vendor Submission Form [L]

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NL 272, November/December 2001 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 King George V: 1d Coil
by Don Hines [S]
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 The President Writes — Chris Harman
2 Newsletter Index
by Harry Dagnall, Martin Hopkinson [S]
2 Black Plate 8 Repairs
by M.A. Sayeed [S]
2 Stop Press [S]
3 Look Right, Look Left [Wilding portrait]
by John Holmes [L]
4 Postal History Query
by Martin Hopkinson [M]
4 Bits and Pieces [S]
5 Stampex: Exhibitors Critique
by Tony Walker, Francis Kiddle [M]
5 Help Needed: Benham Covers
by Mike Moran [S]
6 Cover Corner [QV first/last days]
by John Forbes‑Nixon [M]
7 2001 New Issues
7 Dealers' Directory
8 ½d Line‑Engraved of 1870 (SG 48/49)
by Don Brookfield, Harry Dagnall, Mike Williams, Michael Gould [L]
9 C.E.Cwiakala: Auction Agents [S]
9 Auctioneers' News [S]
10 Politics in Judging?
by John Bohn [M]
10 Christmas at Stanley Gibbons [S]
11 Telegraphs
by Sam Lawrence [M]
11 Exhibiting and Competing
by Jane Moubray [S]
12 Bishop Marks continued
by Martin Willcock [M]
12 Autumn Stampex: Members' Successes [L]
14 KGV Seahorses: A Guide
by Graeme Webster [L]
15 Society Competitions: 19 January 2002
by Allan Jones [S]
16 Society Displays: York Conference, 2001
Report by Ian Harvey
16 Stanley Gibbons Ltd [S]
16 Book Request: Success [S]
20 Awards Given to the Society
by Harry Dagnall [S]
20 Society Competitions: A Potted History: Correction [S]
21 GBPS Competition Rules, Notes and Entry Form [L]
23 Annual Subscriptions
by Leslie Wilkinson [S]
24 GBPS Publications [M]