Articles are listed on a single page for each year from 2000 to date, with the page numbers, titles and authors listed by issue – there are six issues per year.

Letters after each entry show the type of article, as follows:

[S] Short note – up to ½ a page
[M] Medium-length article – ½-1 page
[L] Long article – over 1 page

The definitions of 'short', 'medium', and 'long' for Newsletter items are different from those for GB Journal articles – since the pages themselves are larger (A4 rather than A5), but the type size is also larger and there are many short notes.

These descriptions are not used for categories that appear in all or many Newsletters – note in particular that reports of displays to the Society and 'Pages from a Competition Winner' often stretch across several pages.

Occasionally an item has been moved up or down a class if it seemed especially useful or ephemeral.