2020 (Newsletters 381-386)

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NL 381, January/February 2020 (40pp)

1 Editorial — Paul Ramsay
2 Copy Dates for Newsletters in 2020 [S]
2 New Members
3 The President Writes — John Davies
3 Dates
3 Dealers' Directory
4 Forthcoming GBPS Meetings
5 25 January – Competitions Day
by Robin Cassell [S]
5 Private 'Registration Labels' of a Lloyds Bank Group Company (Addendum)
by Stephen Teuma [S]
6 Society Displays: The RNAS Armoured Car Division in Russia in the First World War
Display by Tony Walker
Report by Tony Walker
10 Society Displays: RAF Airmail and Railway Strike Airmail
Display by Max Melrose
Report by John Davies
15 FgGB Weekend in Wesel, Germany
by Tony Walker [M]
16 Book Review: Britain's Marvelous Machins – Varieties of the Denominated Printings 1967‑2017 by Steve McGill
Review by Tony Walker
18 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2019 (12th October) Meeting
Report by Ian Harvey
24 Society Displays: GB from Late 16th Century to 1900
Display by Ken Burr
Report by John Davies
29 Society Displays: Regional Meeting – The North East GB Collectors Group
Report by Peter Chadwick
29 Field Post Office 12 Discovered
by Peter Shaw [M]
30 The 'Other' Duke of York
by Peter Chadwick [M]
31 Letter from Mid‑Atlantic
by Ray Simpson [M]
31 British Postmark Society – Free Digital Publications [S]
32 GBPS – Sponsors of GB Day
by Maurice Buxton, Mike Jackson [S]
32 Postal/Social History [Dr Barnardo/John Murray Anderson]
by Nigel Swaffield [M]
33 9d KEVII Stamp on Registered Cover
by Maurice Buxton [S]
33 Late Fee Cover [with coil stamps]
by Lars Jorgensen [S]
34 How I Added Some Penny Blacks to My GB Collection
by Enrique Setaro [M]
34 World's Oldest Post Office Up For Sale [S]
35 Penny Postage Jubilee Cancellation
by Dave Jewell [M]
35 GBPS London 2020 Dinner [M]
36 Pages from a Competition Winner: Red Cards: Mail Deemed Unacceptable at the Postcard Rate — Maurice Buxton
40 Binders for the Journal [S]
40 Society Tie [S]

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NL 382, March/April 2020 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Paul Ramsay
2 Advance Notice – London 2020 6 May Meeting with Overseas Members' Displays
by Andy Donaldson [S]
3 Appointment of Honorary Auditor [S]
3 New Members
3 Stamp Active at London 2020 [S]
3 Dates
4 The President Writes — John Davies
4 Dealers' Directory
5 Forthcoming GBPS Meetings
5 GB Journals Available for Collection
by Paul Witham [S]
6 North East Group Regional Meeting [M]
7 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2019 Edward VII and Edward VIII Day
Report by Ian Harvey, Barry Stagg
14 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2019 Stanley Gibbons Christmas Reception
Report by Phil Waud
17 Forces Postal Service Return Request Label
by Maurice Buxton [M]
17 Additional Half Handstamp Checklist
by Ian Baker [S]
18 Customer Mutilation of Special Stamps (Reprise)
by Maurice Buxton [M]
18 Annual Collectors Meeting 2020 in Mainz – FgGB Golden Jubilee [S]
19 The Mulready Book
by Tom Slemons [M]
19 Embargoed Until April 2020
by Alan Sacks [M]
20 Pages from a Competition Entry: The 2d Jubilee of Queen Victoria — Phil Waud
24 GBPS Discussion Boards and Sales Forums
by Maurice Buxton [M]
24 1854 2d Blues (SG 19/20) – Help Wanted
by Ray Simpson [S]

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NL 383, May/June 2020 (24pp)

1 New Members
1 Forthcoming Meetings Cancelled [S]
1 Swinpex 2020 Cancelled [S]
1 Newsletter Copy Dates [S]
2 The President Writes — John Davies
2 Dealers' Directory
3 2020 Competition Results
4 Society Displays: The Post Office Telegraph Stamps of Great Britain 1875‑1881
Display by Ian Pinwill
Report by Ian Harvey
9 A Queen Victoria Jubilee 'Who Done It?'
by Philip Ilsley [M]
9 Penny Red Stars Used Abroad
by Mike Batty [S]
10 The Roll of Distinguished Philatelists
by Jon Aitchison [S]
10 UPU 2s 1d Rate for a Letter Weighing up to 5oz
by Roger West [S]
10 Heathfield Towers – Come to My Party
by N. Exton Swaffield [L]
12 Philatelists – A Dying Breed?
by Ian Harvey [L]
14 Mislaid Mail
by Jeremy Piercy [M]
15 KGV Seahorses on Cover
by Enrique Setaro [L]
17 Single Frankings British Pre‑Decimal Stamps
by James Heal [M]
18 Displays on the GBPS Website
by Maurice Buxton [L]
20 Pages from a Competition Winner: The Repaired Impressions of Die 1 Penny Red Plate 17 — Kevin Maunder
24 Book Review: A Guide to Philatelic Research at the British Library by David Beech
Review by Matthew and Cheryl Toomey
24 Book Review: Bibliography of the Philately and Postal History of the British Isles by Howard Summers
Review by Matthew and Cheryl Toomey

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NL 384, July/August 2020 (32pp)

1 Ian Harvey – Change of Email Address
by Ian Harvey [S]
1 New Members
1 Newsletter Copy Dates [S]
2 The President Writes — Chris Harman
2 Dealers' Directory
3 Forthcoming GBPS Meetings
3 The Coming Season and Online Meetings
by Howard Hughes [S]
4 The Library is Open
by Phil Waud [M]
4 Those Pesky Stamp Collectors
by Maurice Buxton [S]
5 Society Displays: British Levant
Display by Tony Stanford
Report by Phil Waud
10 Last Post: Fred Taylor
by Max Melrose, Tony Walker
11 Royal Mail Parcels Direct Bag Service
by Maurice Buxton [M]
12 Another Diplomatic Bag Label?
by Maurice Buxton [M]
12 Moveable Date Slugs
by John Calladine [S]
12 Your Help Really Is Needed [early perf. 2d blues from provinces]
by Ray Simpson [M]
13 Help Needed with Large Crown Watermarks
by Winston Hollins [M]
13 Philately During the Crisis
by John Davies [S]
13 Praise for the Website and Manager
by Barry Stagg [S]
14 Nominative Indeterminism [registered mail to 'fictitious names']
by Maurice Buxton [M]
15 More Dodgy Cancellations on Booklets
by Ian Harvey [M]
16 My Penny Plates
by Tim Clarke [L]
18 Stamp Books – The Cost of Advertising
by Ian Harvey [L]
22 The Pneumatic Tube Post
by John Davies [M]
23 Thoughts on the Coronation Stamp – Origins [KGVI]
by Robin Restall [L]
24 Goodalls Russian Oils [advertising ring]
by Edward Walker [S]
25 1999‑2009 High‑Value Machins on Cover
by Enrique Setaro [L]
28 Pages from a Competition Winner: London Late Fees to Overseas — Michael Lockton
32 Book Review: Postal Stationery Newspaper Wrapper Catalogue by Jan Kosniowski
Review by Maurice Buxton

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NL 385, September/October 2020 (48pp)

1 Recent Fake Overprints – Again!
by Ian Harvey [M]
2 Unsorted GB Covers
by John Mitchell [S]
2 Subscription Process
by Ian Harvey [S]
2 Newsletter Copy Dates [S]
3 Forthcoming GBPS Meetings
3 New Members
4 The President Writes — Chris Harman
5 Receiving Handstamp No Longer Required
by Ian Baker [S]
5 Dealers' Directory
6 Additional Virtual Meetings
by Howard Hughes [M]
7 Passed by BPA
by Stephen Teuma [M]
8 Shakespeare Festival 'Jet Black'
by Ian Harvey [M]
8 ABPS News Changes
by Phil Waud [S]
9 A 'Gold Standard' 20th Century Mixed Franking of Booklet and Roll Stamps
by Maurice Buxton [M]
10 Goodall's Russian Oils
by Michael Lockton [S]
10 Thoughts on Edward VIII – Looking at Flaws
by Robin Restall [L]
12 King Edward VII Booklet Panes
by Ian Harvey [M]
13 Royal Mail Parcels Direct Bag Service
by Michael Lockton [M]
14 Railway Receipts
by Ray Barton [M]
15 Society Displays: The Card Post
Display by Maurice Buxton
Report by Maurice Buxton
25 AGM 65 Minutes
26 AGM 65 Reports
32 Last Post: David L. Alderfer
by Larry Rosenblum
33 Last Post: Hassan Shaida
by Chris Harman
34 An Item of Military Postal History
by Tony Walker [M]
35 A Cover with a Story
by Tony Walker [M]
36 Late Use of HVP Labels
by Maurice Buxton [M]
37 Never Give Up the Search!
by Olaf Groth, James Heal [M]
38 The Appledore News Room Covers Story
by John Beara, Tony Smith, Jim Wigmore, Maurice Buxton [L]
40 Another First Class Vending Machine 'Book'
by Ian Harvey [L]
44 Pages from a Competition Winner: Bank Note Duty – Congreve Compound Plate Printing — Chris Harman
48 Tempy Postmark
by David Wilson [S]
48 New Book: International Postal Reforms by James Grimwood‑Taylor

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NL 386, November/December 2020 (32pp)

1 January Competitions [M]
2 New Members
2 Forthcoming GBPS Meetings
2 Newsletter Copy Dates
3 More Dud Specimens!
by Ian Harvey [S]
3 Dealers' Directory
4 Collectors' Conference – GB Stamps [M]
4 KGVI Postal Stationery
by Carmel Bonello [S]
5 Royal Mail Parcels Direct Bag Service
by Nigel Perrins [M]
5 KGV Seahorses on Cover
by Enrique Setaro [S]
6 Society Displays: A Quick Glimpse of the GB Queen Victoria Jubilee Issues [Zoom]
Display by Phil Waud
Report by John Davies
8 Society Displays: The RPSL Expert Committee [Zoom]
Display by Chris Harman
Report by John Davies
9 Guernsey Stamp
by John Mitchell [S]
10 Local Authority Revenue Stamps
by Graham Homer‑Wooff [L]
22 Society YouTube Channel
by Maurice Buxton [M]
22 Interpreting the Specialised Catalogue
by Ian Harvey [L]
24 A Rival to Stanley Gibbons [Bright & Son]
by Andrew Booth [L]
26 AGM 65 (Addendum) Reports
26 The President Wrote
by Edward Walker [S]
26 Railway Receipt
by Maurice Buxton [S]
27 Date‑Stamping of Inward Correspondence
by John Copeland [L]
28 Pages from a Competition Winner: The Official Protective Underprints Service — Andy Donaldson
32 Book Review: Briefverkehr vom Vereinigten K├Ânigreich nach Skandinavien vor Juli 1875 by Theo Brauers and Erich Kirschneck
Review by Theo Brauers
32 Civil Censorship Study Group [S]