2010 (Newsletters 321-326)

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NL 321, January/February 2010 (32pp)

1 Editorial — Howard Hughes
1 New Members
2 The President Writes — Allan Jones
2 When Is A Letterbox Not A Letterbox?
by Alan Sacks [S]
3 One‑Frame Exhibition at Spring Stampex [S]
3 Dealers' Directory
4 Forthcoming Meetings
4 Dates
4 Richard Arundel Books [S]
5 A Nice Find
by Andrew Reid [M]
5 Last Post: Lady Mairi Bury
by Allan Jones
6 Pages from a Competition Winner: Postal History of Northumberland – the Early Years — Al Hurst
10 1964 Shakespeare Festival
by Jean Alexander [M]
10 2009 Stuart Rossiter Trust Lecture [S]
11 Mark After 'E' of Revenue [KEVII 10d]
by Hugh Crossman [M]
11 Members' Wants
11 Plating of Alphabet III
by Walter Kaltwasser [S]
11 Berlin Meeting
by James Heal [S]
12 London 2010
by Richard West [M]
12 Events Planned for the London 2010 Festival of Stamps [M]
13 Intentional and Unintentional Issues
by David Escott [M]
14 Hand in Pocket
by Peter Aveyard [M]
14 Exhibits Should Be For Everyone
by Ian Baker [S]
14 Watermark Query
by Tony Child [S]
14 Ship Lost
by Robert Johnson [S]
15 Chicago Chicago! Chicagopex 2009 [L]
18 Chicagopex: GBPS Members Sweep the Board
by Michael Lockton [M]
19 Chicagopex: The Philbrick Prussian Find
by Michael Lockton [S]
19 Chicagopex: Social Philately Class III [M]
21 Registration Rotary Device
by Ian Baker, Maurice Buxton [M]
22 Society Displays: A Different Look at the Machin Issue
Display by John Sussex
Report by Roger Bailey
23 Society Displays: Aspects of British Naval Mail in World War I
Display by Tony Walker
Report by Janet Bygate
26 Society Displays: Postal History of the 1840s
Display by Edward Klempka
29 Society Displays: Royalty on the Isle of Wight
Display by Robert Danzig
32 GBPS London 2010 Festival of Stamps Dinner Saturday 8 May 2010 [M]

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NL 322, March/April 2010 (28pp)

1 Editorial — Howard Hughes
1 New Members
2 GBPS Stand at London 2010 [S]
2 First Day Tickets Now on Sale [M]
3 The President Writes — Allan Jones
3 Machins on Front Page
by Larry Rosenblum [S]
3 A Long‑Standing Member Departs
by Peter Tanner [S]
3 Last Post: Bernard Ridley
4 Forthcoming Meetings
4 Dates
4 Registration Rotary Device
by Nick Wraith [S]
5 Subscriptions: Final Reminder
by Leslie Wilkinson [S]
5 Dealers' Directory
6 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2009 Stanley Gibbons Reception
7 Society Displays: Surface Printed Low Values 1855 to 1883
Display by Bob Galland
Report by Ian Harvey
12 London 2010: Festival of Stamps [L]
14 Flat‑Topped '3's
by Simon Everest [S]
14 Hiring Post Horses
by Mike Wilesmith [S]
14 A Message From The Future
by Carmel Bonello [S]
14 When Is A Letterbox Not A Letterbox?
by Colin Baker, Maurice Buxton [S]
15 The Post Office Did Not Like It!
by Harry Dagnall [M]
16 2010 Competition Results
18 Pages from a Competition Winner: Military and Army Telegraphs — Tony Stanford
22 Chicory in Ireland
by Harry Dagnall [M]
22 New Penny Red Study Circle
by Tim Clarke [M]
23 Members' Wants
23 FgGB Newsletter [S]
23 King Edward VII Coronation
by Gary Watson [S]
23 Gooners and Villans
by David Milsted [S]
24 Stolen Stamps
by Burkhart Beer [M]
24 A Nice Find
by Graham Mark [M]
24 Chicago [S]
25 Registration Labels Not Supplied
by Maurice Buxton [M]
25 Specialised 'Four Kings' Catalogue
by Max Melrose [S]
26 New Downey Head Variety
by Fred Smallbone [M]
26 The Stuart Rossiter Memorial Lecture 2010
by David Beech [M]
27 2009 New Issues
27 Advertising Manager Required [S]
28 GBPS London 2010 Festival of Stamps Dinner Saturday 8 May 2010 [M]

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NL 323, May/June 2010 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Howard Hughes
2 The President Writes — Allan Jones
3 Forthcoming Meetings
3 Another Sad Loss [S]
3 Dates
3 Collect British Postal Stationery Update Information
by Colin Baker [S]
4 Lord Bath's Pigeon Post
by Phil Kenton [L]
6 Society Displays: Posted in Advance for Christmas Day
Display by Patrick Campbell
Report by Roger Bailey
8 Society Displays: Interrupted Mail
Display by John Lea
Report by Don Davies
11 Society Displays: Bits and Pieces
Display by John Philips
Report by Maurice Buxton
17 Specialised 'Four Kings' Catalogue
by John Gowland [S]
17 When Is A Letterbox Not A Letterbox?
by Paddy Watson [S]
17 New Members
17 Retirement of John Holman
by David Beech [S]
18 Flat Topped '3's
by Robert Petts [S]
18 Hiring Post Horses [S]
18 New Book: British Censorship of Mail in World War 1 by Graham Mark
18 Julian Chapman Memorial Scholarship
by Paul Moorcroft [S]
19 Dealers' Directory
20 Pages from a Competition Winner: The Transition from Red to Black Ink During the Maltese Cross Era — Howard Hughes
24 Binders for the GB Journal [S]
24 Society Tie [S]
24 Northeast Philatelic Event
by Tony Walker [S]

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NL 324, July/August 2010 (32pp)

1 Editorial — Howard Hughes
1 New Members
2 The President Writes — Ian Harvey
3 Looking Ahead [S]
3 Dates
3 Long‑Standing Members [S]
4 Dealers' Directory
5 Machins in the GBJ [S]
5 The Stamp Active Network: New Starter Packs for Schools and Junior Clubs [M]
6 Last Post: Gilbert Wheat
by Austin Davis
6 Members Who Give Displays [S]
7 Last Post: Trevor Pickering
by Max Melrose
7 Nephilex 2010 24‑26 September 2010 [S]
7 Last Post: Eric Whitehead
7 BPMA Update [S]
8 Society Displays: King George V Civilian Postal Rates and Services
Display by Allan Jones
12 Society Displays: Mail To and From UK Stamp Dealers 1870 to 1950
Display by Edward Caesley
16 GBPS Dinner [L]
20 GBPS Medal Winners [London 2010] [M]
21 Editor's Diary [London 2010] [M]
21 In Praise of Our Dealer Members
by Brian Gash [S]
21 The Missing Olives
by David Rowlands [S]
22 Serpentine‑Topped Numerals
by Austin Davis [S]
23 Calais Mark
by Edward Walker [S]
24 London 2010 And All That
by Observer [M]
24 Forthcoming Exhibitions [S]
24 Librarian Required – Urgently! [S]
25 Members' Wants
25 London Postmark
by Barry Fidgeon [S]
25 Run of The GB Journal For Sale
by Mike Jackson [S]
26 London Calling [London 2010]
by Edward Caesley, Larry Rosenblum, Tim Ledlard [L]
30 Displays on the GBPS Web Site
by Maurice Buxton [L]
31 Audrey Swindells MBE [S]
32 New Book: British Stamp Exhibitions by Glenn Morgan and Graham Wilson

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NL 325, September/October 2010 (28pp)

1 Editorial — Howard Hughes
1 New Members
2 Dates
3 The President Writes — Ian Harvey
4 Dealers' Directory
5 Forthcoming Meetings
5 To All Collectors of GB County Postmarks [Squared Circles]
by Stanley Cohen [S]
6 Society Displays: The Development of Empire Airmails
Display by John Rawlins
Report by Ian Harvey
12 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2010 Colchester Meeting
Report by Ian Harvey
13 Registered and Insured
by Harvey Russell [S]
13 London 2010
by John Burn [S]
13 New Book: The Early and Experimental Machine Postmarks of England from Hill to Wilkinson 1857‑1912 by Erhard Zietlow
13 Members' Surplus
14 Talks at the BPMA [M]
14 Long‑Standing Members [M]
15 New Stamp Shop [M]
15 'Passed by British Philatelic Assn. Ltd'
by Robin Restall [S]
16 Pages from a Competition Winner: At Sixes and Sevens [6d and 7d Wildings] — Mike Osborne
20 AGM 55 Minutes
22 AGM 55 Reports
26 GBPS Web Site [S]
26 Item from a Competition Entry
by George King [M]
28 ABPS Publication: Lecturers and Displays [M]
28 New Librarian [S]

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NL 326, November/December 2010 (20pp)

1 Editorial — Howard Hughes
1 New Members
1 Important Programme Card Erratum [S]
2 Annual Society Competitions Day
by Edward Caesley [S]
2 Dates
3 The President Writes — Ian Harvey
3 Stafford Stamp Fair Study Group
by Mike Williams [S]
4 Forthcoming Meetings
4 London 2010 [S]
4 Last Post: Mike Baker
4 Lecturers and Displays
by Roger Bailey [S]
4 Nephilex [S]
4 Missing Olives [S]
5 Dealers' Directory
6 Society Displays: Football World Cup
Display by David Milsted
Report by Howard Hughes
9 Members' Wants
10 Oswald Marsh First Day Covers Royal Cypher and 2s 6d Brown – 1912‑1913
by Garth Denman [M]
11 BPA Control of Stamp Imports and Exports in WWII
by Graham Mark, Robin Restall [L]
14 Autumn Stampex Exhibits [M]
15 Long‑Standing Members [M]
15 New Stamp Shop [S]
16 My First Consultation
by Mike Williams [M]
16 Young Collector News [M]
17 New Book: Blindman's Mail – How the blind have been served by the Post by Gavin Fryer
17 New Book: Twopence Blue Plating Guide by Mike Jackson
17 New Book: The Ironmasters' Bags – The Postal Service in the South Wales Valleys, c.1760‑c.1860 by Paul Reynolds
18 Pages from a Competition Winner: Queen Victoria ½d Vermilion Army Official Issue — David Milsted
19 2010 New Issues
20 GBPS Publications [M]