2024 (Newsletters 405-406)

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NL 405, January/February 2024 (40pp)

1 Editorial — Chris George
2 Calling All Society Speakers
by John Davies [S]
2 Newsletter Copy Dates
2 Submitting Material for the Newsletter
by Chris George [S]
2 New Members
3 March 2024 Competitions
by Chris Hibbert, Stephen Teuma [M]
4 The President Writes — Peter Lister
4 Appledore News Room Covers Surface
by Maurice Buxton [L]
6 German Weekend 6‑8 October 2023 in Wiesbaden
by James Heal [M]
7 2024 Spring Meeting in Nuremberg [M]
8 Forthcoming GBPS Meetings
8 The Mail Coach Age
by Alan Sacks [S]
9 Press Releases: Stamp Active News
from Stamp Active
9 A Cambridge Cover
by Stephen Teuma [M]
9 Stocking Filler
by Alan Sacks [S]
10 Society Displays: The Mail Coach Age in Britain
Display by Hugh Feldman
Report by Chris George
18 Society Displays: Bells' Photo Company Limited
Display by John Copeland
Report by Jack Zhang
25 Society Displays: Machin Books – Planning and Production
Display by Ian Harvey
Report by Ian Harvey
33 High Value Large Format Machins Pre and Post Decimal Day 1971
by Richard Martorelli [L]
36 Mysterious Eight‑Sided Beauty Identified [1s embossed with Crimean War cancellation]
by Malcolm Judd [L]
37 Kids Roar at Stampex International 2023
by John Davies [L]
39 Book Review: Barcodes in the Post Office: Great Britain by Peter Morgen
Review by Duncan Barber
40 Book Review: SG Collect British Stamps 2024 (75th edition)
Review by Mike Jackson

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NL 406, March/April 2024 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Chris George
1 Submitting Material for the Newsletter
by Chris George [S]
2 The President Writes — Peter Lister
2 Last Post: Robert Danzig
by Chris George
2 New Members
3 Forthcoming GBPS Meetings
4 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2023 Stanley Gibbons Christmas Reception
Report by Ian Harvey
7 Society Displays: Perkins Bacon Revenues
Display by Chris Harman
Report by Phil Waud
12 Society Displays: The Stamps that Built the Welfare State: UK Insurance Stamps 1912‑1948
Display by Matthew Healey
Report by Chris George
18 GBPS – My Early Days
by John Gowland [M]
19 Quaker Dating
by Maurice Buxton [L]
21 Ipswich Returned Mail 1848‑1850
by Stephen Teuma [L]
22 3d Receiving House Marks of 1835
by Peter Chadwick [S]
23 GBPS Merchandise [S]
23 Chippenham Penny Post
by John Calladine [S]
24 New Book: Penny Lilac: A History of the 1d Lilac Unified Stamp by Robert Galland, Karl Louis and Peter Young