2004 (Newsletters 285-290)

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NL 285, January/February 2004 (28pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 The New Postal Heritage Trust
by Tony Conder, Tony Walker [L]
2 New Members
3 Whilst We Are On The Subject ...
by John Calladine [M]
4 Pages from a Competition Entry: The One Penny Postage Stamps of Great Britain 1840‑1864 — Tim Burgess
6 Experimental Separation in the 1d Red Stars
by Tim Burgess [L]
7 Printers and Recent High Values
by Edgar Smith [L]
9 Samuel Montagu Underprint
by Vincent West [S]
9 Telegraphs Book – Apologies for Late Production [S]
9 OUS Overprints and Underprints
by Vincent West [S]
10 Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight
by Edgar Smith, Robert Danzig, Martin Evans [S]
10 Machin Coatings
by Robin Tibbenham [S]
10 Butter Market T.O.
by Sam Lawrence [S]
11 A 12,000,000% Gain [Navigation squared circle]
by Stanley Cohen [M]
11 Post Office Act 12 Car II c35
by Roy Eden [S]
11 Alcock & Holland
by Alan Wilson [S]
12 Plate 11 Block
by Karl Louis [M]
12 The 2003 Year Book Package
by Chris Harman [S]
13 Black Plate 11
by Lucie Balsenc, Jerry Carruthers, TJ [L]
14 Dealers' Directory
15 What Does Collecting GB Entail?
by Robin Tibbenham [L]
15 Red on Reds: Update
by Brian Watson [S]
16 GBPS Library
by Nick Wraith [L]
16 Home District Covers
by Michael Gould [S]
17 Annual Competitions: Stop Press, Urgent
by Allan Jones [S]
17 Last Post: Ken Statham
18 Late Use of Maltese Cross etc
by Trevor Pickering, John Burn [M]
19 New Maltese Cross Book
by David Rockoff, Mike Jackson [S]
19 The President's Guest [S]
19 The Society Auction
by Fred Taylor [S]
19 Bangkok Successes [S]
20 North of Watford News: Regional Meetings
by Ken Brown, Willie MacFarlane [M]
20 The Bantam ½d and 'More to Pay'
by Chris Grimshaw [S]
21 Bath Postal Museum
by Patrick Jefferies [S]
21 1d Lilac Inverted 'X'
by Steven Bainbridge [S]
21 Harmers – The Gaetano Vullo Collection [S]
22 Society Displays: An Afternoon of GB Rubbish
Display by Chris Harman
24 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2003 October Meeting
27 Grosvenor Autumn 2003 Auction Realises Record Figure in Excess of £1.5 Million [M]
28 Subscriptions:: Due Now!!
by Leslie Wilkinson [M]

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NL 286, March/April 2004 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
1 Our Image?
by Chris Harman [S]
2 Society Displays: Line‑Engraved
Display by Jerry Carruthers
3 Society Displays: The 1879 and 1880 Tenders
Display by Simon Kelly
5 Caveat Emptor and Caveat Venditor
by Chris Harman, Harmers [L]
5 1d Black Plate 6 Lettered RE
by Scott Treacey [S]
6 Private Rouletting in the Imperf. Line‑Engraved
by John Burn [S]
7 Postal Heritage Trust: Update
by Tony Conder, Tony Walker, Roger Bailey [L]
7 De La Rue
by Edgar Smith [S]
8 What Does Collecting GB Entail?
by Chris Harman [L]
9 Alcock & Holland
by Martin Willcock [M]
10 Shades of Wiseman and Harris
by Ken McBride, Eric Walsh [L]
10 Dealers' Directory
11 Leeds Provincial Meeting [S]
12 £5 To Pay Stamps
by Alan Wilson [S]
13 Letter from Germany
by Burkhart Beer [S]
14 Help Needed (1)
by Russell Taylor [boxed "C" cancel and crude "W" cancel] [S]
14 Help Needed (2)
by Tim Rusden [Ideal Stamp] [S]
14 Help Needed (3)
by Harry Hayes [Salvation Army presentation pack] [S]
14 British Philatelic Trust [S]
14 Society Auction
by Fred Taylor [S]
15 Richard Cobden
by Anthony McLelland [S]
15 On Fakes
by Tony Smith [S]
16 QV Specimens
by Martin Evans [M]
17 GBPS Library
by Ian Harvey [M]
17 QV ½d Orange
by Robert Petts [S]
18 State of the GBPS
by John Bartram, Tony Smith [M]
18 SmartStamps [S]
18 1d Black Plate 11 [S]
19 The Newsletter
by Graham Mark, Tony Walker [S]
19 Lost in the Post [1d Red Imprimaturs]
by David Lewthwaite [S]
19 Newsletter from the Netherlands [S]
20 Overprints and Underprints
by John Phillips [S]
20 Late Use of Maltese Cross
by Alastair Walter, Hugh Palmer [S]
21 Butter Market
by Graham Mark [S]
21 Squared Circle Postmarks [Townsend Place Cheltenham]
by Stanley Cohen [S]
22 Pages from a Competition Winner: KGVI 10s Dark Blue — Peter Dawson
24 2004 Competition Results

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NL 287, May/June 2004 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 New Members
1 Society News [S]
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 Society Displays: British Telegraphs – Stamps and Forms
Display by Conrad Graham, Alan Huggins
Report by Ian Harvey
4 Society Displays: The King George VI High Values:a study and plating
Display by Peter Dawson
Report by Ian Harvey
6 Society Displays: Joint Meeting with the British Aerophilatelic Federation 2004
7 Cleaning Up
by Bernard Ridley [S]
7 Back Numbers: GBJ and Newsletter
by Harvey Russell, Sam Roberts [S]
8 Brass Rings Revisited
by Alan Wilson, Max Melrose [M]
8 'C' [in diamond] Cancel on 1d Red Stars
by Karl Louis [S]
9 Elihu Burritt: Expressions of Interest
by David Turner [M]
10 On the Bounty Office: Bantam ½d
by Graham Stockdale [S]
10 Dealers' Directory
11 The Queen and Her Stamps [S]
11 Private Rouletting
by Karl Louis [S]
12 Edward VII Shades: The Debate, Closing Speeches?
by Trevor Harris [L]
14 QV Halfpenny Orange
by Boaden Griffiths [L]
16 1d Red Stars
by Andrew Reid [S]
16 Harry Dagnall [S]
17 RPSL Invitation [S]
17 Society Library
by Nick Wraith [S]
17 Recent Additions to the Library
by Nick Wraith [S]
18 Plate 11 On Cover (mostly)
by Karl Louis [S]
18 Douglas Myall Writes
by Douglas Myall [S]
18 Shedding Light on Shades [S]
18 New Issues Listing: July‑December 2003
by Jim Nicolson [S]
19 A.L.Bert Auctions
by Ray Loveland, Tony Walker [M]
19 Salvation Army Presentation Pack
by John Beard, Edgar Smith [S]
20 Tolkien's Masterpiece Seen Through Author's Eyes on Special Stamps [S]
20 On Fakes [S]
20 GB Festival High Values
by Ted Adnams [S]
21 Shades of Chemistry or Chemistry of Shades?
by Frank Allan [M]
22 Pages from a Competition Winner: Postally Used OW Official Overprints 1896‑1904 — David Milsted
24 Binders for the GB Journal [S]
24 Society Tie [S]
24 Telegraph Book
by Martin Strack [S]
24 1d Red Exchanges
by Jay Perkins [S]

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NL 288, July/August 2004 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 New Members
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 The President Writes — Michael Lockton
2 Early Book Post: FDC
by John Burn [S]
3 Advice of Receipt
by Karl Louis [L]
4 In a Better Light: Part 1 [UV]
by Ken McBride [L]
4 Request for a Proofreader [S]
5 Spotting the 'Improved' Item
by Peter Sargent [S]
6 Brass Rings
by Alastair Walter [S]
6 To Pay Labels: In Bulk
by Bob Phillifent [S]
7 Patterns of No Value
by Karl Louis [M]
7 Past Newsletters [S]
8 Stamps, Cats (Fat) and Pigeons
by Ray Simpson, Chris Harman, Harry Dagnall [L]
8 Julian Chapman Travelling Scholarship Fund [S]
9 Dealers' Directory
10 Insurance [S]
11 A Taxing Collection of Stamps [S]
12 Society Displays: A morning of rubbish
Display by Ian Crane
13 Society Displays: Queen Elizabeth II – the Regional Definitives
Display by Phil Kenton
15 'C' [in diamond] Cancel on 1d Red Stars
by Peter Aveyard [S]
16 1854/55 Line‑Engraved C1s and the Methuen Handbook of Colour
by Hugh Palmer [L]
16 Last Post: Edgar Smith
17 Postal Heritage Trust [S]
18 An Important New Post‑Road Map Discovery
by John Calladine [S]
18 Caring for Stamps and Postal History [S]
18 Letters 1
by Roger Bailey [S]
18 Forschungsgemeinschaft Großbritannien
by Tony Walker [M]
19 Subscription Treasurer
by Leslie Wilkinson [S]
19 Letters 2
by David Glew [S]
20 Pages from a Competition Winner: Exeter Cancellations 1840‑1860 — Michael Lockton
22 The Fruit and Veg Issue of 25 March 2003
by Tony Walker [L]
23 Plate 11 Covers
by Peter Tarquin [S]
24 Windows XP: Modern Technology
by Douglas Myall [S]
24 Another Expensive Label on eBay
by Mike Jackson [S]

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NL 289, September/October 2004 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 The President Writes — Michael Lockton
3 Brassed Off
by Max Melrose [S]
3 Why Only Saturday Meetings?
by Philip Robinson [S]
4 In a Better Light: Part 2 [UV]
by Ken McBride [L]
5 Last Post: Sir Gawaine Baillie
6 In a Better Light – Some Reflections
by Ray Simpson [M]
7 La Philatelie Sans Experts?
by Ray Abela [L]
8 Letters 1
by Nick Wraith [S]
9 Re‑Used Plate 5 1d Black
by David Turner [M]
9 Retirement of our Packet Superintendent
by Ron Henning [S]
10 Hand‑Illustrated Cover
by Philip Robinson [S]
10 Work by Michael and Sylvia Goaman at Harmers [S]
11 Letters 2
by George Russell [M]
11 James McKenzie [S]
12 Postal Heritage Trust [S]
12 First Day Issue Postcard
by Karl Louis [S]
12 A Nice Piece
by Scott Treacey [S]
12 Squared Circle: Talybont
by Colin Baker [S]
13 Letters 3
by Martin Willcock [S]
13 GBCC: The Great Britain Collectors Club
by Tim Burgess [S]
13 Forschungsgemeinschaft Großbritannien [S]
14 Society Displays: Crown Agents Stamp Bureau
Display by Graham Tapp
15 Spotting the 'Improved' Item
by Karl Louis [S]
15 Scottish Experimental Packs
by Ron Phelps [S]
16 Allan Jones: Harry Dagnall Thank You Award [S]
16 Dealers' Directory
17 AGM 49 Reports
18 Maltese Cross Cancellation
by Walter Barnard [S]
19 Provincial Meeting in Leeds (Pudsey)
by Ken Brown [S]
21 Provisional Labels
by Edward Caesley [S]
22 Pages from a Competition Winner: A wounded soldier's journey home — Eddie Weeks
24 GBPS Publications [S]

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NL 290, November/December 2004 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 New Members
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 The President Writes — Michael Lockton
3 The Postal Heritage Trust [S]
3 News from Head Office [S]
3 Overseas Members [S]
3 The Exchange Packet
by Ron Henning [S]
4 The Importance of Auction Catalogue References
by Austin Davis [L]
5 Jubilee Varieties [S]
6 Queries Answered
by Michael Lockton [S]
6 GB New Issues: January to June 2004
by Jim Nicolson [S]
6 That Fruit & Veg Issue
by Jean Alexander [S]
6 Peace and Commerce Labels
by Harvey Russell [S]
7 Advice of Receipt
by Philip Robinson, Karl Louis [L]
8 50th Anniversary: An Auction with a Difference [M]
8 1939 5s Red Overprinted 'M.E.F.'
by Philip Robinson [S]
9 Stamps of the Victorian Era: On View
by Douglas Muir [M]
9 GBPS at the Royal: 6 January 2005
by Graeme Webster [S]
10 UV in Philately: Beyond the Visible – Part One
by Ken McBride [L]
11 Maltese Cross Web Site
by David Rockoff, Mike Jackson [S]
12 The RPSL at York
by Philip Robinson [S]
12 Regional Representatives [S]
12 Dealers' Directory
13 Help Wanted
by Russell Taylor [M]
13 Regional Meeting: Leeds (Pudsey) [S]
14 The Recorded Delivery Service
by Steve Dunderdale [L]
16 Philatelic Weather
by David Glew [S]
17 Provisional Labels
by David MacDonnell [M]
17 Weekday Meetings
by Leslie Wilkinson [S]
18 Society Displays: Pre‑decimal Machins
Display by Tony Walker
18 Stampex Successes [S]
21 GBPS Discussion Board
by Mike Jackson [S]
21 The Zen of Stamp Shades
by Frank Allan [S]
21 Society Competitions: January 2005
by Allan Jones [S]
21 Library List Update
by Nick Wraith [S]
22 Experts and Their Problems
by Ian Harvey [L]
22 Ex: Whitby? {Machin £1 cancellation]
by Steve Dunderdale [S]
23 Re‑Used Plate 5 1d Black
by Karl Louis [S]
24 GBPS Publications [S]