2005 (Newsletters 291-296)

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NL 291, January/February 2005 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
1 Society Librarian [S]
2 New Members
2 The President Writes — Michael Lockton
2 KEVIII & KGVI Consultant [S]
3 Postscript: Eyeing Them Up
by Ken McBride [S]
3 Colour
by Russ Hill [S]
3 Basildon 2005 [S]
4 Exported on Drawback
by Steve Dunderdale [M]
4 Incoming Mail and Cancellations
by Martin Willcock [S]
5 RMS Cancellation
by Graham Homer‑Wooff [S]
5 Meeting Postponed [S]
5 An Early Start
by Geoffrey Eves [M]
6 UV in Philately: Beyond the Visible – Part Two
by Ken McBride [L]
8 Advice of Receipt
by Simon Kelly [L]
10 Abbreviations in the British Posts – Part 3
by Simon Kelly [L]
11 Library Update
by Nick Wraith [S]
12 Dealers' Directory
14 Maltese Cross Cancellation
by Ken Brown, Reg Barnett [S]
14 Jubilee Varieties
by Ted Adnams [S]
15 The Ideal Stamp
by Tim Rusden [S]
15 Re‑used Plate 5 1d Black
by David Turner [S]
15 Meeting on Tyneside: Friday 22 April 2005 [S]
16 Pages from a Collection
by Peter Aveyard [S]
18 Society Displays: Extending the GB Collection (to Revenues and more)
Display by Chris Tennant
19 Society Displays: The Four Kings
Display by Ian Shaw
21 La Philatelie Sans Experts?
by Reg Barnett [M]
21 Centenary Auction of Donated Lots
by Tony Walker [S]
22 Auction Catalogue References
by Steve Walker [M]
22 Last Post: Bob Champion
by Leslie Wilkinson
22 Letter from Germany [S]
23 Letter from South Africa
by John Gowland [S]
23 Letter from Middlesex
by Harry Dagnall [M]
24 The Postal Heritage Trust Advisory Panel [M]

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NL 292, March/April 2005 (28pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 New Members
2 Letter Cancel on QV 6d Lilac
by Martin Willcock [S]
2 The President Writes — Michael Lockton
3 The Society Exchange Packet
by Graham Macpherson [M]
3 Dealers' Directory
4 Investment Matters: 1
by Robin Cassell [S]
4 Investment Matters: 2
by David Bailey [L]
5 In Case You Were Worried [S]
6 More on Certificates
by Alan Holyoake [S]
6 Plating etc
by Derek Lorkin, Frank Allan, Don Madden, Reg Barnett [L]
7 GBJ Index to Vols 21‑42
by Mike Jackson [S]
8 Last Post: Gordon Jessop
by Alan Moorcroft
8 Last Post: Charles Reid
by Austin Davis
8 1935 Jubilee Booklets
by Harvey Russell [S]
8 Subscriptions; Final Reminder [S]
9 Watermarks 1840‑1880
by Bob Maushammer [S]
9 Provisional Labels on Registered Envelopes
by Charles Dupplin [S]
10 Exported on Drawback
by Roger Bailey, Martin Willcock, Philip Robinson, Harry Dagnall [L]
11 The Children Are Not Interested
by Stanley Cohen [M]
11 Informal Regional Meetings
by Leslie Wilkinson [M]
12 Pages from a Competition Winner: Mail in Northumberland 1600‑1739 — Al Hurst
13 Pages from a Competition Winner: The Postal Reform, 1839 — Orvar Sundström
14 Society Displays: German Occupation of the Channel Islands
Display by Alan Moorcroft
16 Rich or Misguided?
by Øivind Hanslien, Bill Bird, Malcolm Sprei [L]
17 Maltese Cross Cancellation
by Walter Barnard, Reg Barnett [M]
18 Society Competitions
by Allan Jones, Anthony Smith [M]
18 GBPS Auctioneer
by Michael Lockton [S]
19 GBPS Members Out and About [M]
20 Jubilee Auction: Final Call for Lots – This Month Please! [S]
20 KEVIII & KGVI Consultant
by Michael Lockton [S]
20 York Weekend: Book Your Place Now [S]
by David Turner [S]
21 Rowland Hill Disinfected
by Mike Jackson [L]
22 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2004 Joint Meeting with Yorkshire PHS, Leeds
24 Christmas Reception at Stanley Gibbons [M]
25 2004 New Issues
25 A New Venue? [S]
26 2005 Competition Results
27 Letter from South Africa
by Malcolm Suttill [S]
27 From New Zealand
by David Jarvis [S]
28 Regional Meeting: Newcastle upon Tyne, 22 April 2005 [M]

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NL 293, May/June 2005 (20pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
1 The Line‑Engraved Halfpenny
by Toby Messenger [S]
2 The President Writes — Michael Lockton
2 Postal Heritage [S]
3 Latest List
by James McKenzie [S]
3 Geoffrey Chappell [S]
3 Dealers' Directory
4 Pages from a Competition Winner: Machine vended booklets Series 4 S/Series A‑D — Robin Tibbenham
6 Society Competitions
by Malcolm Suttill, John Burn, Harry Dagnall [S]
6 1939 5s Red Overprinted 'M.E.F.' Revisited
by Graham Homer‑Wooff [S]
7 Presentation [S]
7 Informal Regional Meetings
by Max Melrose [S]
8 Society Displays: Twopenny Blues
Display by Jane Moubray
Report by Ian Harvey
10 Society Displays: King George V: The Issued Stamps
Display by John Sussex
Report by Ian Harvey
11 QV Line‑Engraved C1‑C13
by Reg Barnett, Walter Barnard [S]
11 Stamp Certification
by Alan Ashton [S]
12 Help Needed 1: Modern Collector Exchange
by Theo Brauers [S]
12 Found in W.C. In Bad Order
by Bob Phillifent [S]
12 Letter from Middlesex
by Harry Dagnall [S]
13 Help Needed 2: QV Postage Rates
by Theo Brauers [M]
13 Help Needed 3: Cloth‑Covered Cancels
by Russell Taylor [S]
14 Help Needed 4: Telegraph Cancellation
by Sam Lawrence [S]
14 Registered Labels
by Max Melrose [S]
14 KGVI 'V V' Overprints
by Mike Jackson [S]
15 Machin 4d Brown
by Tony Walker [L]
16 British Library: Stamps Online [M]
16 Letter from America
by Bob Maushammer [S]
16 Letter from Dubai [S]
17 Transfer from Rollers to Plates
by Toby Messenger [S]
17 QV £1 Brown
by Philip Milton [S]
17 ½d Vermilion Control
by Mike Rogers [S]
17 The Post Office and the Colleges [S]
18 Spring Stampex 2005: Display and Dinner [L]

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NL 294, July/August 2005 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
1 New Members
2 The President Writes — Michael Lockton
2 GBPS: A New Secretary [S]
2 Notes from Council Meeting 19 March 2005 [S]
2 KGVI 'V V' Overprints
by Harvey Russell [S]
3 Oxford Union Society
by Vincent West [S]
3 The Postal Stationery Society
by Colin Baker [S]
3 Dealers' Directory
4 Pages from a Competition Winner: KGV photogravure issue – trials to issued stamps — Peter Tanner
6 Lighting Up North: the UV Kind, and more
by Ken McBride [L]
6 Book Review [response]
by Larry Rosenblum [S]
7 Edward VII Colour Guide
by Alan Vaughan [S]
8 Letter from America
by Tim Burgess [L]
8 Found in W.C. In Bad Order
by Scott Treacey, Harry Dagnall [S]
9 Machin 4d Brown Booklet Panes
by Alan Musry, Austin Barnes, Robert Petts, Robin Tibbenham [L]
10 E‑mail Addresses
by David Milsted [S]
10 Society Competitions
by Allan Jones [M]
11 A Modern Competition Entry
by Ron Phelps [M]
12 Cloth‑Covered Cancels
by Meirion Lewis, John Forbes‑Nixon, Harvey Russell, Harry Dagnall [L]
13 A New Dealer
by Alan Vaughan [S]
13 Stamp Certification
by Ian Harvey [M]
14 Colour Charts
by Simon Everest [S]
14 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2005 Tyneside Regional Meeting
15 Also on Tyneside: The 'Donated Lots' Auction
by Tony Walker [S]
16 Society Displays: Stamp Perforation: the Somerset House Years
Display by Peter Sargent, Ray Simpson
17 Society Displays: History of Perfins
Display by David Hills
19 Society Displays: Protective Underprints and Overprints
Display by Andy Donaldson
20 Bath Postal Museum
by Colin Baker [M]
21 The Children Are Not Interested [S]
21 Regional Meeting at Wopex: Saturday 3 September 2005 [S]
21 Rich or Misguided?
by Øivind Hanslien [S]
22 Youth and Children's Philately
by Pat Grimwood‑Taylor [M]
22 The Line‑Engraved Halfpenny
by Harry Dagnall [S]
23 Who's Who?
by Max Melrose [S]
23 Philatelic Literature
by Conrad Graham [S]
23 The Hot Cross Bun of 1986
by Brian Crookes [S]
23 Maltese Cross Cancellation
by Walter Barnard [S]
23 Newsletter Editor
by Tony Walker [S]
24 GBPS Publications [M]

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NL 295, September/October 2005 (28pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 New Members
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 The President Writes — Michael Lockton
2 Another Newsletter [S]
2 Situations Vacant [S]
3 Leamington Spa Maltese Cross: A Survey
by Toby Mottram [M]
3 Dealers' Directory
4 Pages from a Competition Winner: The 1919 Railway Strike — Max Melrose
6 British, International and Commonwealth Reply Coupons
by George King [L]
8 Machin 4d Brown
by Robin Tibbenham [S]
9 Two Papermakers
by Harry Dagnall [M]
9 Machin 10s Scott Booklet
by Martin Willcock [S]
10 Line‑Engraved
by Simon Everest [M]
10 Anniversary Auction [S]
11 Court and Social [S]
12 Barred Cancels with Letter in Diamond
by Martin Willcock [L]
13 'Hairlines' on QV 6d Lilac [S]
13 Machin Chain of Office
by Sam Lawrence [S]
14 Found in W.C. In Bad Order: A Cautionary Note
by Peter Markkam, Bob Phillifent [M]
14 GB New Issues: An Opinion
by John Calladine [M]
15 Cloth‑Covered Cancels
by Bob Maushammer, Harry Dagnall, Alan Wall, Roy Eden [M]
15 Oxford Union Society
by Vincent West [S]
16 Society Displays: GB Maritime Mail
Display by Malcolm Ray‑Smith
18 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2005 AGM
18 Compendium of Overprints
by Mark Shaw [M]
19 AGM 50 Reports
23 Maltese Crosses [M]
24 Hanover, Germany
by John Bohn [M]
24 Melbourne & Sydney 2005: London 2010? [L]
26 19th Century Fakes and Forgeries
by Hugh Palmer [S]
27 PPI
by Pat Lyon, Martin Willcock [S]
27 A Perennial Problem
by Simon Everest [M]
28 Added Labels to Registered Envelopes
by George King [M]
28 4½d Jubilee Varieties
by Peter Griffin [M]

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NL 296, November/December 2005 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 The President Writes — Michael Lockton
2 New Members
3 A Thank You
by Sam Lawrence [S]
3 Dealers' Directory
4 Reply Coupons
by David Venables, Harry Dagnall [M]
5 Subscriptions; Three Requests
by Ian Harvey [S]
5 GB Overprints: Sheets Required
by Vincent West [S]
5 Oxford Union Society
by Vincent West [S]
6 Society Consultants
by Peter Rodriguez [S]
6 Stamp Show 2010
by Robin Tibbenham [M]
7 Wembley 1924 and Watermarked Paper
by Harry Dagnall [S]
7 Machin 4d Sepia CB Pane of 2 + 2 Labels
by Robin Tibbenham [M]
8 Stanley Gibbons' 150th Anniversary Celebration [M]
8 SG Specialised: Amendments to Vol. 1
by Peter Sargent [S]
9 Annual Competitions – 14 January 2006
by Allan Jones [S]
9 QV Jubilee 4½d
by Graham Wilde, John Pearce, Peter Griffin [S]
10 Society Displays: Ocean Penny Post
Display by David Turner
11 Society Displays: Queen Victoria Line‑Engraved
Display by Philip Robinson
12 Society Displays: British Levant
Display by Philip Robinson
12 Society Displays: Parcel Post Labels
Display by Max Melrose
13 Society Displays: High Values
Display by Max Melrose
13 Society Displays: Sir Redvers Buller and the Boer War
Display by Michael Lockton
14 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2005 York Weekend
14 York Weekend: Court and Social
by Tony Walker, David Turner [L]
16 An Occasional Interview: Tom Current [L]
17 2005 New Issues
17 Kent Federation Meeting: 12 Nov, 2005 [S]
17 Amendments to the Programme Card
by Leslie Wilkinson [S]
17 Urgent Notice: GBPS Packet
by Graham Macpherson [S]
18 On Giving A Display
by Malcolm Ray‑Smith, Tony Walker [M]
18 Transposition
by Jennifer Burnett [S]
18 Early GB [S]
19 QV Jubilee ½d Stamps
by David Glew [S]
19 Approvals
by David Glew [S]
19 A Touch of Nostalgia
by Dr C. Watson [S]
20 Binders for the GB Journal [S]
20 Society Tie [S]
20 A New GB Society
by Robin Tibbenham [S]
21 QV 8d Surface Printed
by John Keegan [S]
21 The Mulready Group
by Ray Simpson [S]
21 A Piece on 'The Piece' [OW Officials]
by David Milsted [S]
22 Maltese Crosses
by John Calladine, Walter Barnard [S]
22 Wopex Regional Meeting: 3 September 2005 [S]
22 Regional Meeting: Bury St Edmunds
by John Pearce [S]
23 GBPS Annual Competitions Rules and Entry Form [L]