2021 (Newsletters 387-392)

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NL 387, January/February 2021 (32pp)

1 Editorial — Chris George
1 New Members
2 Dealers' Directory
3 The President Writes — Chris Harman
3 Newsletter Copy Dates
4 Forthcoming GBPS Meetings
4 Virtual Society Meetings – An Overview
by Howard Hughes [M]
5 Society Displays: Short Displays by Members of the Great Britain & Commonwealth Philatelic Society (GB&CWPS) and Die Forschungsgemeinschaft Großbritannien (FgGB) [Zoom]
Report by Howard Hughes
8 The GB Collectors' Conference
by John Davies [L]
14 Society Displays: Victorian Registration Sheets and Imprimaturs: The Post Office Telegraphs [Zoom]
Display by Ian Pinwill
15 Thoughts on KEVIII – The Postage Dues
by Robin Restall [L]
16 Queen Elizabeth II 2½d Booklet Pane
by Ian Harvey [L]
18 Letters – Re: Another First Class Vending Machine 'Book'
by David Glew [S]
18 More on Cost of Advertising in Stamp Books
by Ian Harvey [L]
20 Rates for the Railex Service
by Maurice Buxton [L]
29 QEII Booklets with Panes of Two Stamps
by Ian Harvey [L]
31 New Book: Archer's Second Roulette Fingerprint by David Escott
32 Book Review: SG 'Part 1' 2021 Commonwealth & British Empire Stamps 1840‑1970
Review by Mike Jackson
32 Book Review: SG Collect British Stamps 2021 (72nd edition)
Review by Mike Jackson

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NL 388, March/April 2021 (28pp)

1 Editorial — Chris George
1 Forthcoming GBPS Meetings
2 Upcoming Virtual Meetings
by Howard Hughes [S]
2 Zoom Meetings
by Howard Hughes [S]
2 New Members
2 Dealers' Directory
3 The President Writes — Chris Harman
3 Newsletter Copy Dates
4 Handling of Underpaid QEII Air Mail
by Frank Walton [L]
5 Press Releases: Digitised Handbooks
from Collectors Club of Chicago
6 Bonelli's Electric Telegraph Company
by Ian Harvey [M]
7 Reflections from a Former Editor
by Tony Walker [L]
8 COVID‑19 – Australian Philatelic Style
by Tim Schofield [M]
8 Edward VII – A 'Dotty' 1d Booklet Pane
by Ian Harvey [L]
10 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2020 Christmas Virtual Meeting [Zoom]
Report by Howard Hughes
13 If You Don't Look, You Won't Find [1d Die I Plate 168 Perforated]
by Mike Williams [L]
15 Elizabeth II Wilding Booklets with Panes of Four Stamps (Part 1)
by Ian Harvey [L]
20 HM Forces Postal Rates on the GBPS Website
by Maurice Buxton [M]
21 Railex: Additional Notes
by John Copeland, Maurice Buxton [M]
22 Salvaged Mail from HMT Kingstonian in the First World War
by Tony Walker [L]
24 Book Review: Pioneer Aviation in the Channel Islands by Roger E. Harris
Review by Matthew and Cheryl Toomey
24 Book Review: The Flat‑Topped Three of the London District Post by Peter Chadwick
Review by Matthew and Cheryl Toomey
25 Press Releases: New Book from the Channel Islands Specialists Society
from Channel Islands Specialists Society
25 Wants List
by Olaf Groth [S]
26 Book Review: SG Great Btitain Specialised Stamp Catalogue, Queen Victoria, Volume 1, Part 1
Review by Ray Simpson
27 Revenue Usage of the Wilding Castles
by Peter Shaw [M]

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NL 389, May/June 2021 (36pp)

1 Editorial — Chris George
2 New Members
2 Dealers' Directory
3 The President Writes — Chris Harman
3 Newsletter Copy Dates [S]
3 GBPS Members Elected Fellows of the RPSL [S]
4 Forthcoming GBPS Meetings
5 2021 Competition Results
5 Joint Meeting with the New York Collectors Club
by Howard Hughes [S]
6 New GBPS Decimal QEII Consultant – Scott Kibby [S]
6 GBPS Goes on Social Media [S]
6 Dud Specimens [1924 British Empire Exhibition]
by David Ogden [S]
7 Cancelled Types 24 and 34
by Ian Harvey [M]
8 The 1969 £1 Cook Book
by Ian Harvey [L]
10 The Commando Who Came Back a Spy
by Barry Mudie [M]
11 Use of HVP Labels
by Alan Kelsall [M]
12 Elizabeth II Wilding Booklets with Panes of Four Stamps (Part 2)
by Ian Harvey [L]
17 Whither Philately?
by Nick Rust [L]
18 The Churchill Cover‑Up [1974 Churchill Centenary Issue]
by Ian Harvey [M]
19 Maggie [Letters from a Victorian Child]
by Graham Wylde [L]
24 Imperforate 1867 5s Plate 2
by Ian Harvey [S]
25 Taking a Shower with King George VI [1937 Coronation]
by Robin Restall [M]
26 Press Releases: New Barcode Machins
from Royal Mail
27 A Star is Borne
by Alan Sacks [L]
29 Edward VII – More 'Dotty' Booklet Panes
by Alan Vaughan [L]
31 Ipswich Mileage Marks
by Stephen Teuma [M]
32 Pages from a Competition Winner: Multiple Strikes of the Maltese Cross — Chris Hibbert
36 GBPS Publications [M]

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NL 390, July/August 2021 (36pp)

1 Finding Information on Your Subject
by Ian Harvey [M]
2 Editorial — Chris George
2 New Members
2 Stanley Gibbons Summer Gathering
by Andy Donaldson [S]
3 The President Writes — Chris Harman
4 Former Officers of the GBPS – Photos Wanted
by Maurice Buxton [S]
4 Joint Meeting with the New York Collectors Club
by Andy Donaldson [S]
4 Dealers' Directory
5 Admiral Arthur Henry Limpus: A Postal History Reconstruction
by Dr John Courtis [L]
9 Guernsey Police Force During the German Occupation
by Barry Mudie [L]
11 For Sale: GB Specialised Auction Catalogues – A Vital Research Resource
by Graham Mark [S]
12 De La Rue Castles 2s 6d Watermark Inverted – Update
by Peter Shaw [S]
12 Royal Mail Parcels Direct Bag Service
by Maurice Buxton [M]
13 Society Displays: Some of the Many Uses of the GB Postage Due and To Pay Labels [Zoom]
Display by David Wilson
Report by James Heal
15 Books of Stamps Used by the Post Office Training School and Other Post Office Departments
by Ian Harvey [L]
19 Wilding Cylinders: Collecting Unlisted Flaws
by Ian Harvey [L]
21 Society Displays: The 1971 Postal Strike [Zoom]
Display by Maurice Buxton
Report by Maurice Buxton
26 Society Displays: How Newspapers Described and Influenced Usages of the Penny Black [Zoom]
Display by Dr Norman Watson
Report by Phil Waud
28 Pages from a Competition Winner: Genesis [1839‑40] — Nicholas Amor
32 Pages from a Competition Winner: Queen Victoria ½d Pink Stamped to Order Postcards — Maurice Buxton
36 Mourning Cover [1856 to Nice, Sardinia]
by Edward Walker [S]
36 GBPS Merchandise [S]

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NL 391, September/October 2021 (36pp)

1 Editorial — Chris George
1 Website Award [S]
1 Autumn Stampex Tickets [S]
2 The President Writes — Chris Harman
3 Forthcoming GBPS Meetings
3 Request for Used Machins
by Scott Kibby [S]
4 Astonishing Realisations for 1971 Strike Post Covers
by Maurice Buxton [M]
5 Society Displays: The British Stamp Office – Revenue Stamps from the 17th Century to the 19th Century
Display by Chris Harman
Report by Chris George
9 Gloucestershire Postmarks Website Completed
by John Hine [S]
9 Wanted: 1d Red Plate 11 and 2d Blue Plates 3 and 4
by Brian Pyle [S]
9 Red Crowned Mark – Help Please
by Ray Barton [S]
10 Philately in the Forties
by Stephen Teuma [M]
11 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2021 AGM
Report by Ian Harvey
16 Bonelli Telegraph Census Results
by Ian Harvey [L]
18 Stanley Gibbons Colour Charts
by Edward Caesley [L]
20 Cylinder Printing and Sheet Numbering
by Ian Harvey [L]
21 TPO Image – More Information Please [Cannon Street Station and Moses Nobbs]
by Maurice Buxton, Tom Nicholls [S]
22 Book Review: A Jubilee Reminiscence by John Davies
Review by Matthew and Cheryl Toomey
23 Book Review: SG Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue, 2021
Review by Mike Jackson
24 Pages from a Competition Winner: 1883‑84 Lilacs and Greens — John Roe
28 AGM 66 Minutes
29 AGM 66 Reports
36 King Edward VIII 1½d Red‑Brown Control A37 Cylinder 18 No Dot
by Peter Shaw [S]

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NL 392, November/December 2021 (40pp)

1 Competitions Day 22 January 2022 [L]
2 Membership Subscription Process
by Ian Harvey [S]
2 Newsletter Copy Dates
3 Editorial — Chris George
3 New Members
4 The President Writes — Chris Harman
5 Forthcoming GBPS Meetings
5 Dealers' Directory
6 Advance Notice – London 2022 Overseas Members' Displays
by Andy Donaldson [S]
7 Society Displays: The Philatelic Congress of Great Britain
Display by Steven Harrison
Report by John Davies
12 Society Displays: A Philatelic History of the Great Britain 1890 Penny Postage Jubilee
Display by John Davies
Report by Chris George
17 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2021 Stanley Gibbons Summer Philatelic Gathering
Report by Ian Harvey
22 Channel Islands Auction [L]
24 A Stamp Being Replaced Before It Was Even Issued!
by Maurice Buxton [L]
26 1887 Jubilee Issue Settings – Help Please
by David Willmer [M]
26 What is The Correct Date? [changes in rates etc 1930s/40s]
by John Copeland [M]
27 ABPS Offers Support for Society Websites [S]
28 Philatelic Tools on the GBPS Website – An Update
by Maurice Buxton [L]
33 For Information: Imperial Airways Gazette
by Peter Wingent [S]
34 Pages from a Competition Winner: From Line Engraved to Surface Printed – The 1879 and 1880 Tenders — Malcolm Suttill
40 Cannon Street Station and Moses Nobbs
by Maurice Buxton, Richard Wheatley [M]