2013 (Newsletters 339-344)

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NL 339, January/February 2013 (28pp)

1 Editorial — Howard Hughes
2 New Members
2 Forthcoming Meetings
3 The President Writes — Michael Sefi
3 Dates
3 Study Day Meeting Format [S]
4 Member Subs and Contact Details
by Ian Harvey [S]
4 Recent GB Exhibitions [S]
4 The Packet – Material Required
by Graham Macpherson [S]
4 GBPS Commemorative Cover
by Mark Talbot [S]
5 Dealers' Directory
6 Society Displays: GB Postal History and Line‑Engraved to 1870
Display by Philip Mackey
Report by Maurice Buxton
10 Society Displays: The Story of Advertising Through the Post
Display by Colin Baker
Report by Maurice Buxton
15 Society Displays: Writing Paper and Wafer Seals
Display by John Scott
Report by Roger Bailey
17 New Book: University Mails of Oxford and Cambridge 1490‑1900 by David C. Sigee
17 National Philatelic Society Library [S]
17 Members' Wants
17 Spoon Postmarks [S]
18 Last Post: John Bohn
18 Judging at Exhibitions – Canada, UK and USA
by Al Hurst [S]
18 Riggall Family Correspondence
by David Glew [S]
18 Colour in the Newsletter
by David Miles [S]
18 Discussion Board and Internet Groups Update [S]
19 Constant Blemish in Inland Office Maltese Cross
by Howard Hughes [M]
19 Un‑Numbered Maltese Crosses
by Howard Hughes [S]
20 King Edward VII 7d
by Max Melrose [M]
20 Post & Go Machine at the BPMA [S]
21 Manuscript '2'
by Brian Watson [S]
21 £5 Castles Error
by Peter Shaw [M]
21 Weekend in Germany [S]
22 Pages from a Competition Winner: The First Three Surface Printed Postage Stamps — Bob Galland
26 Pages from a Competition Entry: The Low Value Printing Changes 1879‑1880 — Malcolm Suttill
28 2012 New Issues

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NL 340, March/April 2013 (32pp)

1 Editorial — Howard Hughes
2 New Members
2 Forthcoming Meetings
3 The President Writes — Michael Sefi
3 Dates
3 Members' Wants
4 New Society Publication: Uniform Penny Post [L]
6 Dealers' Directory
7 Society Displays: Britain's Marvellous Machins
Display by Steve McGill
Report by Tony Walker
12 Society Displays: The Mulready and its Advertisements & Mulready Stereo Mysteries Solved?
Display by Tom Slemons
Report by Alan Huggins
17 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2012 Stanley Gibbons Reception
Report by Ian Harvey
19 Perhaps it is Just Too Difficult? [Machins]
by Tony Walker [M]
19 ABPS Congress Medal – Phil Kenton [S]
20 Judging at Exhibitions
by Tom Slemons, Tim Ledlard [M]
20 Manuscript '12'
by Peter Nicholson‑Jones [S]
21 Colour in the Newsletter
by Tony Walker, Peter Newroth [M]
21 Members' Surplus
22 2013 Competition Results
23 eBay Find [½d Downey Head]
by Fred Smallbone [M]
24 Stamp Active Competition 2013 [S]
24 Stamping Around [S]
24 Spectacular New Discovery [KGVI 1½d Coronation]
by Robin Restall [S]
25 Cut‑Outs
by Mark Talbot [S]
25 Dumb Cancel
by Roger Badcock [S]
25 New Book: Chalmers versus Hill: The Saga That Rocked the Victorian Philatelic World by Tony Wicks
26 GBPS Commemorative Cover
by Donald Fraser [L]
29 2012 New Issues
30 Pages from a Competition Winner: Delivered by Royal Mail — George King
32 GBPS Lancaster Weekend [M]

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NL 341, May/June 2013 (32pp)

1 Editorial — Howard Hughes
2 New Members
2 The President Writes — Michael Sefi
2 More Honours for GBPS Members [S]
3 Forthcoming Meetings
3 Dates
3 Books for Sale
4 Lancaster 2013 [S]
4 Last Post: Alan Sabey
by Don Knight
6 Society Displays: A Jubilee Reminiscence
Display by John Davies
Report by Don Davies
13 GBPS Competition Prize Winners [M]
14 Society Displays: Return to Sender 1939‑1945
Display by Janet Bygate
17 Sotheby's to Auction BPMA Material [S]
18 Members' Wants and Surplus
18 Midpex 2013
by John Davies [S]
18 1919 Railway Strike: Information Required
by Max Melrose [S]
19 Ambiguity and Postal Stationery Cutouts
by George King [S]
19 GB Used Abroad: A New Find
by Peter Sargent [S]
19 Web Site Updates
by Maurice Buxton [M]
20 A Railway Trifecta
by Maurice Buxton [M]
21 New Book: Barred Numeral Cancellations of England and Wales by John Parmenter
21 New Flaw?
by John Proctor [S]
22 Sub‑Office Mail Cancelled on a TPO
by Maurice Buxton [M]
23 Red Star Parcels Service
by Tony Walker [M]
23 Calling All Young Competitors [S]
24 Book Review: University Mails of Oxford and Cambridge 1490‑1900 by David C. Sigee
Review by Mark Talbot
24 On‑line Auction Sites
by Ian Lasok‑Smith [M]
25 Bantam Imperf
by Andrew Reid [S]
25 Competition Success
by Chuichi Ota [S]
26 Issue of Numeral Obliterators in May 1844
by Howard Hughes [M]
27 Maltese Cross at Gargrave
by Winston Hollins [M]
28 Pages from a Competition Winner: Wings and Squadrons of the Royal Naval Air Service in World War 1 — Tony Walker
32 GBPS Lancaster Weekend (12‑14 July 2013) [M]

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NL 342, July/August 2013 (32pp)

1 Editorial — Howard Hughes
2 Wiesbaden [S]
2 New Web Site
by Geoff Childs [S]
2 New Members
2 Dates
3 Dealers' Directory
4 Society Displays: The Downey Head, Here and There
Display by Michael Sefi
Report by Michael Sefi
9 Society Displays: Postal Innovations During the Reign of King George V
Display by Graham Mark
14 Last Post: Tom Current
by Larry Rosenblum
14 New Book: The World's First Postage Stamp by Alan Holyoake
14 Recent Exhibitions [S]
15 On‑line Auction Sites
by Mark Talbot [S]
15 Bantam Imperf
by Ray Simpson [S]
15 Bargain Find
by Ray Barton [S]
16 GBPS Commemorative Cover
by Bob Phillifent [S]
16 Saintly Spouses
by Larry Haber, Ray Simpson, Steve McGill, Alan Sacks [S]
17 Missing Head [Enschedé £3 Castle]
by Peter Shaw [S]
17 Members' Surplus
17 Members' Wants
17 Disappearing Stamps
by Philip Milton [S]
18 Counter Training School Handstamps
by Maurice Buxton [L]
19 Another Birmingham FDC
by Ian Baker [S]
20 More Birmingham Gems at Auction
by Ian Baker [M]
20 Cricket
by Steve McGill [S]
21 AGM 58 Reports
26 Pages from a Competition Winner: The Decimal Castles 1988‑1999 and the Problems Encountered — Peter Shaw
30 New Book: The British County Catalogue of Postal History – Midlands
31 Postal Stationery Society 21st Anniversary Dinner [L]
32 Joint Postal Stationery Society and GBPS Meeting Saturday 16 November 2013 [S]

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NL 343, September/October 2013 (40pp)

1 Editorial — Howard Hughes
1 Dates
1 New Members
2 The President Writes — Michael Sefi
2 Council Vacancy [S]
3 Dealers' Directory
4 New Society Publication: The Dollis Hill Find [L]
6 Society Displays: The Siege of Paris and the Franco‑Prussian War
Display by Philip Mackey
Report by Howard Hughes
9 Society Displays: The Corsini Letters
Display by Philip Beale, Mike Scott Archer, Alan Moorcroft, Michael Lockton
Report by Howard Hughes
18 Abrevs
by Larry Rosenblum [S]
19 Society Displays: GB Essays, Trials, Proofs and Specimens
Display by Edward Klempka
Report by Bob Galland
27 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2013 AGM
Report by Ian Harvey
31 Interesting New Web Site
by Peter Newroth [S]
31 1d Lilacs For Sale
by Chris Knowles [S]
32 GBPS Lancaster Weekend
by Ray Simpson, David Cox, Andrew Chappell [L]
37 Medal Mix‑Up [S]
37 Prestwick Stamp & Postcard Festival [S]
37 Surplus Postal Stationery Books
by Edward Caesley [S]
37 Web Site Update
by Maurice Buxton [S]
37 Amateur Auction
by Michael Parker [S]
37 E.A.F. Overprint
by David Glew [S]
38 Stamp Cancellation at Smaller Offices
by Maurice Buxton [L]
39 Society Awards [S]
39 Vague Address
by Bob Phillifent [S]
39 Society Annual Competitions
by Edward Caesley [S]
40 AGM 58 Minutes

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NL 344, November/December 2013 (40pp)

1 Editorial — Howard Hughes
1 Dates
1 New Members
2 Wrong David [S]
2 Editor of the Newsletter
by Howard Hughes [S]
3 GBPS Competitions Day
by Edward Caesley [S]
3 Forthcoming Meetings
4 The President Writes — Michael Sefi
4 Midlands County Catalogue
by John Calladine [S]
4 Society Awards [S]
5 Dealers' Directory
6 York July 2014
by Janet Bygate [S]
6 Diamond Jubilee Event
by Howard Hughes [M]
7 Society Library
by Matthew and Cheryl Toomey [S]
7 Autumn Stampex 2013 [S]
7 GBPS E‑mail Addresses
by Maurice Buxton [S]
8 Penny Black Winner at Kids' Corner [S]
8 New Book: The £5 Orange by Dr John Horsey
10 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2013 Lancaster Weekend (Friday)
12 Society Displays: De La Rue's Experiments for Stamp Production c.1878‑83
Display by Peter Young
16 Society Displays: The Decimal Castle High Values of Great Britain 1988‑1999
Display by Peter Shaw
19 Society Displays: Great Britain Coils
Display by Dave Cox
19 New Book: Predecimal Machins – the Foundation of an Iconic Series by Anthony Walker
20 Society Displays: 1d Stars Die 2 Alphabet 3 1855‑1864
Display by Peter Aveyard
25 A Bit of a Barney (or why collectors don't like solicitors' letters)
by Ray Simpson [L]
26 Society Displays: Members' Displays, 2013 Lancaster Weekend (Sunday)
28 Society Displays: The QV 1d Lilac
Display by Peter Young
Report by Janet Bygate
31 Siege of Paris
by Alan Sacks [M]
32 Enschedé Castle Missing Heads
by Peter Shaw [M]
32 Members' Wants and Surplus
33 Changes to the Discussion Boards
by Maurice Buxton [L]
34 Private Vending Booklets
by Jean Alexander [L]
36 Pages from a Competition Winner: Edinburgh and District Penny Post — Tim Ledlard
40 2013 New Issues