Auction Sales

Cawardine Collection (Jackson) [M] 39(6)112

Durham Collection, QV Line‑Engraved [N] 31(5)92

Folkard Collection, QV Line‑Engraved (Phillips press release) [M] 36(6)112

— QV Line‑Engraved, report of the sale (Jackson) [M] 37(1)10

M. and P. Holding, QV (Jackson) [S] 29(1)19

NPM, sale of surplus material (Huggins) [E] 22(1)1

Royal Philatelic Collection, 17 May 2001 sale of items from (Spink) [M] 39(3)56

Shaida Collection, KGV Seahorses (Claridge) [M] 31(1)12

Trevor Clarke Collection, KEVII (Powell) [M] 26(2)28

Wills Collection, QV (Harmers of London) [M] 28(1)12