1d Red Stars used abroad: faked St Vincent cover (Batty) [M] 59(4)88

1840 1d black, Plate 2, repaired block of six on cover (Slemons) [L] 52(6)126

1840 1d, block of 42, disputed authenticity (Jackson & Claridge) [L] 42(3)58

1840 repaired Penny Black, undeclared (Shaida) [M] 27(4)75

1858 2d (Hollins) [M] 34(1)16, (Rutter) [S] 34(2)40

1883 Lilac & Green (Ffooks) [S] 27(2)35

1884 10s (illustration) (SWL90) [N] 28(2)36

Book review, Fakes Forgeries Experts. Ed. Volmeier (Jackson) [R] 37(2)40

Departmental Officials (Harman) [N] 31(4)64

Expert Committee of the RPSL, how it operates (Harman) [L] 38(3)43

General Duty revenue stamp, near‑facsimile used on junk mail (Dagnall) [S] 42(5)93

House of Stamps (Lowe) [M] 32(5)82

Jubilee ½d, bi‑coloured (Young) [M] 29(2)26

KGV 1934 Block Cypher 1½d, printed on the gummed side (Jones) [S] 31(2)39

KGV Seahorse 5s De La Rue, earliest date (Harman) [S] 45(6)142

Lilac and Green 9d (Crookes) [N] 27(3)59

Lowden Forgery, Lowden's trial (Dagnall) [L] 31(1)1

Lowden, Lek v. Matthews 1926 (a postscript to the Lowden forgery case, Rex v. Lowden 1913) (Mark) [M] 59(4)86

Maltese Cross, No. 5 in red, fake? (Cassell) [M] 42(1)19

— red (Chappell) [L] 45(2)42, (Louis) [M] 45(4)94

— red on 1d red‑brown, repaired stamp (Jackson) [M] 53(2)34

Overprints, fake CANCELLED and SPECIMEN (Harvey) [L] 37(4)73

PO Training School (Harvey) [L] 37(4)73

Portsmouth Ship Letter marking (Courtis) [L] 50(6)123

Postal fraud, Crimean War letter (Papadopoulos) [M] 55(6)132

QV Jubilee 3d, orange paper, faking of (Phillips) [S] 38(4)73

QV halfpenny, imperf. (Taylor) [M] 44(6)138

Rubber stamp overprints on KEVII stamps (Pusterla) [N] 31(3)54

Stock Exchange Forgery, Plate 6, survey (Jackson) [L] 42(1)20

Stock Exchange, impossible letterings (Ray) [L] 27(3)54

Surface Printed, official reproductions (Young) [M] 26(2)24