Allen, Ralph (Ray‑Smith) [M] 42(1)12

— Ralph, Ralph Allen of Bath, Postal Pioneer (Bath Postal Museum) (Jackson) [R] 49(1)24

Bacon, Joshua, gravestone (Rowse) [M] 40(6)102

Balfour, Foreign Secretary 1916-1919, signature on diplomatic bag label (Kearsley & Weston) [L] 53(4)73

Bird, Bill, interview (Dagnall) [M] 38(5)99

Book review, Heath Family Engravers 1779-1878. Heath (Dagnall) [R] 32(2)35

James Heath – Engraver to Kings & Tutor to Many. Smith (Dagnall) [R] 28(1)18

Bray, W. Reginald, The Englishman who Posted Himself and Other Curious Objects (Tingey) (Jackson) [R] 49(1)23

Buckland, William (geologist), letter to Windsor Castle redirected to Buckingham Palace (Claridge) [M] 54(2)34

Chalon, A. E. (engraver) (Smith) [M] 29(5)86, (Jackson) [C] 30(1)9

Chamberlain, Foreign Secretary 1924-1929, signature on diplomatic bag label (Kearsley & Weston) [L] 53(4)73

Clowes, William, printer (Bolzan) [M] 27(3)42

Courbold family (Smith) [M] 27(4)70

Curzon, Foreign Secretary 1919-1924, signature on diplomatic bag label (Kearsley & Weston) [L] 53(4)73

De La Rue family (Wiseman) [S] 22(4)60

Disraeli, Archer cover from Gladstone (Forbes‑Nixon) [M] 47(4)96

Fairman, Gideon (engraver), influence on Mulready (Smith) [M] 25(2)35

Gladstone, Archer cover (Simpson) [M] 55(5)119

— Archer cover to Disraeli (Forbes‑Nixon) [M] 47(4)96

Grey, Foreign Secretary 1905-1916, signature on diplomatic bag label (Kearsley & Weston) [L] 53(4)73

Hatfield, John, fraudster and bigamist (Toomey & Toomey) [R] 53(1)22, (Sacks) [S] 53(2)46

Heath family (engravers) (Smith) [M] 26(1)8

Hill, Rowland, memorabilia (Phillips) [S] 29(3)60

— — portrait of and sketch for new labels (illustration) (SWL90) [N] 28(2)28

Jeens, Charles Henry (engraver) (Smith) [M] 29(5)86, (Jackson) [C] 30(1)9

Kermode, Georgina Elizabeth (Alexander) [L] 43(3)52

Lansdowne, Foreign Secretary 1900-1905, signature on diplomatic bag label (Kearsley & Weston) [L] 53(4)73

Leech, John (Smith) [N] 23(2)26

Lek, Jonas v. Matthews 1926 (a postscript to the Lowden forgery case, Rex v. Lowden 1913) (Mark) [M] 59(4)86

Lightbody, James (engraver at Stamp Office) (Dagnall) [S] 37(5)81

Linton, William James (Smith) [M] 23(2)26, [C] 23(3)48

M<@252>ller, Dr Hugo, consultant chemist to De La Rue, 1905 (Powell) [N] 25(2)38

Malden, Henry (partner in Perkins Bacon) (Smith) [M] 26(1)8

Marsh, Victor (AKA H. Edgar Weston, dealer) (Baker & Caesley) [M] 51(1)23

McCartney, Rt Hon. Sir William, Deputy Master of the Royal Mint 1903‑13 (Jackson) [N] 24(5)68

Mulready, William (1786-1863) (Wicks) [L] 53(5)103

Palmer, J. W., squared circle, CX used philatelically (Louis) [M] 35(3)52, (Dagnall) [M] 36(1)13, (Finch) [S] 36(1)15, (Billen) [S] 36(1)16, (Cohen) [S] 36(1)16

Pendragon (nom de plume), advocated the English School of collecting, 1860s (Dagnall) [S] 30(5)95

Perkins, Jacob, inventions (Bolzan) [M] 23(5)74

Roberts, Samuel (postal reformer) (Smith) [S] 25(5)83, (Dagnall) [M] 26(2)38

Sainthill, Richard (numismatist and friend of Wyon) (Smith) [M] 26(5)88

Sloper, Ally, (comic character) (Brooks) [M] 34(2)32

Thorpe, Dr Thomas Edward, chemist at Somerset House (Dagnall) [M] 34(5)91

Weston, H. Edgar (AKA Victor Marsh, dealer) (Baker & Caesley) [M] 51(1)23