'Ivory heads', stamp images on interleaving paper (Robinson) [M] 49(4)88

Book review, Engine Turning 1680‑1980, the Tools and Technique. Matthews (Dagnall) [R] 23(1)2

Colour trials, De La Rue (Young) [L] 21(6)74

Compound plate printing (Smith) [M] 28(5)97

Congreve interlocking compound plates (Samuel) [N] 23(1)9

Gold polyester film, 1966 Christmas 1s 6d (Jackson) [M] 54(5)100

Interleaving paper, stamp images on (Dixon‑Patterson) [S] 27(4)72, (Robinson) [M] 49(4)88

Miniature stamps (shrunken) (Wilkinson) [M] 33(5)86

Neale's steam press experiment (Messenger) [M] 26(5)95, (Messenger) [S] 27(2)34, (Messenger) [L] 38(2)25, (Messenger) [L] 38(3)50, (Messenger) [L] 38(4)74, (Messenger) [L] 38(5)92, (Messenger) [C] 38(6)114, (Patmore) [L] 62(1)16

Offsets, on KGV Downey Head ½d (Wiseman) [N] 28(3)62

Phosphor bands, application of (Harvey & Stafford) [L] 41(5)89

Photogravure, obliterating controls (Doupé) [M] 21(3)34, (Murray) [N] 21(5)62

Plate repair, ½d inserted in 1½d plate, 1919 (Dagnall) [N] 21(4)55

Registration pieces (Jackson) [N] 21(1)7

Set‑off impressions, 1d line‑engraved (Robinson) [M] 49(4)88

Set‑off, Machin £2 castle (Jackson) [M] 47(3)70

Technograv Derby Ltd, Machin booklet sheet layout on plastic film (McGill & Deering) [L] 56(2)26

Whiting's compound plate printing (Smith) [M] 28(5)97