Rolls of Stamps

'Poached egg' testing labels (Gowland) [S] 47(1)8

1913 Profile Head Multiple Cypher roll end dates (Cox) [M] 57(2)44

Book review, Deegam Catalogue of Elizabethan Coil Leaders, 4th edn., 1994. Myall (Sherman) [R] 33(2)36

— — 1987. Myall (Jackson) [R] 25(5)92

Currency paper, KGV Royal Cypher (Mark) [M] 34(1)19

Cuts ('½v') (Rundo) [M] 32(4)68, (Whitehead) [S] 36(5)82

Early, KEVII ½d stamps (Pusterla) [M] 53(6)142

Experimental KEVII (Pusterla) [S] 22(1)4

KEVII ½d used on postcard (Harris) [S] 42(4)86

KGV 1913, SH continuous printing plates (Wilkinson) [L] 41(4)80

KGV Block Cypher 1d, unrecorded wrapper, Kermode 1000 (Jackson) [N] 26(1)18

KGV Photogravure ½d used in Multipost affixing machine (Whitehead) [S] 40(4)70

KGV Somerset House printing (Wilkinson) [M] 37(3)51

KGV Wembley (Griffin) [S] 29(2)27, (Sabey) [M] 29(4)72, (Griffin) [N] 29(5)97

KGV, PUC, 1d, vertical roll varieties (Vaughan) [N] 60(2)25, (Alexander) [M] 60(3)54

— — ½d, sideways roll variety (Alexander) [M] 60(3)54

Kermode, Georgina Elizabeth (Alexander) [L] 43(3)52

Perforation of early Photogravure low values (Gowland) [L] 47(1)4

QEII, Wildings, roll (W) with (EIIR) imprint (Cox) [S] 60(3)53

Testing labels, with perfins (Clark) [S] 43(5)102

Vending machine, antique (Cox) [L] 55(4)75