Departmental Officials

'POSTAGE FREE' on OHMS envelopes (Wiseman) [M] 24(2)26, (Dagnall) [N] 24(4)63

Admiralty Official, 'open C' variety, R17/10 (Roberts) [M] 59(1)12

— variation in overprint (Taylor) [N] 25(4)80

Army Official, KEVII 1d plate flaws (Wlodarczyk) [L] 33(2)25

— dates of issue (Wiseman) [S] 25(4)76

— postmarks on (Taylor) [M] 26(1)6

Blue‑black overprint ink on the stamps of QV (Dunstan & Roberts) [L] 61(2)32, (Dunstan & Roberts) [L] 61(3)49

Board of Education, 1s, Shades (Wiseman) [S] 39(2)30

Board of Trade perfins (Jackson) [M] 49(5)116

— late use of KEVII 1d (Wraith) [M] 50(2)40

Book review, Great Britain, Government Parcels Stamps and their Usage, 1883-1904. Wiseman (Jackson) [R] 34(2)31

Certifying, analysis of opinions given (Astley) [M] 43(3)61

Forged (Harman) [N] 31(4)64

GOVT. PARCELS, 1s, inverted overprint (Astley) [M] 43(3)64, (Louis) [L] 43(4)80

— 1½d Jubilee on parcel tag (Wlodarczyk) [M] 58(1)22

— 2d Jubilee variety (Kaiserman) [S] 57(6)142

Govt Parcels, 9d, late date (Dougherty) [S] 29(2)30

— 1883 essays (Astley) [M] 22(2)30

— constant varieties of SG O68 Plate 5 on 1s Dull Green (Roberts) [L] 59(4)73

IR Official, 1885 ½d & 1d (Wiseman) [S] 34(6)112

— KEVII 6d (Jackson) [S] 39(2)21

— KEVII 6d, auctioned (Jackson) [M] 38(3)42

— QV Jubilee 6d, flaws in overprint (Astley) [M] 48(1)12

— overprint (Wiseman) [M] 28(4)79

NPM, list of material returned to (NPM Press Release) [L] 36(3)44

Office of Works, issue dates (Mollett) [L] 37(4)61

Parcel Post, small labels of PO Stores Dept (Wiseman) [L] 36(2)21

Quantities issued (Wiseman) [S] 25(3)51

— Office of Works & Board of Education (Taylor) [M] 25(2)24

Rubber stamp overprints on KEVII stamps (Pusterla) [N] 31(3)54

Size of issue sheets (Wiseman) [M] 32(3)56