College Stamps

Cambridge colleges and the Post Office (West) [M] 50(5)114

Clare College, Cambridge, proposed postal envelope (West) [M] 38(3)48

College stamps, on cover (Warren) [M] 39(6)116

— on cover in the Royal Philatelic Collection (West) [L] 39(2)36

Covers, statistical summary (West) [L] 42(4)69

Jesus College, Cambridge, postal envelope (West) [L] 38(2)21

Keble College, Oxford, mystery cancellations (Talbot) [M] 53(3)71

Labels used in Oxford in the 1950s (Tucker) [S] 49(6)140

Magdalen College, Cambridge, cover, 1970s (Talbot) [M] 48(4)88

— — self‑adhesive label (Sigee) [M] 49(4)95

Oxford College stamps in the 1970s (Gee) [M] 51(3)68

Oxford Union Society, postal stationery (West) [M] 54(1)12

— postal stationery, handstamps (West) [M] 54(3)57

— — late use (West) [M] 57(6)140

Oxford, Merton College, cover (West) [M] 40(5)87

Post Office and the Colleges, addenda & corrigenda (West) [C] 46(6)137

Selwyn College, messenger stamps, two transfer types (Sigee) [L] 55(1)1