Telegraph Stamps

3d Plate 3, colour trials (Pinwill) [L] 52(6)130

3d watermark inverted (Bird) [N] 33(2)40

3d, Plate 3, watermark Spray inverted (Bird) [N] 37(2)37

4d, imperf. (Barrell) [N] 37(2)37

Army telegraph stamps (Lawrence) [L] 39(4)67

Bonelli's Electric Telegraph Company issues (Panting & Gibson) [L] 60(6)132

Book review, The Telegraph Stamps and Stationery of Great Britain, Langmead & Huggins (Graham) [R] 42(5)116

Cancellation, on postage stamps, 'C.H.B./G.P.O.' (Wheatley) [S] 61(1)9

Colour trials (Young) [S] 22(1)5

— 3d Plate 3 (Pinwill) [L] 52(6)130

Earliest known dates of use (Pinwill & Finch) [L] 49(6)130

English and Irish Magnetic Telegraph Company stamps (Panting) [L] 55(5)111

Imperforate (Bird) [S] 26(2)31, (Dagnall) [S] 26(5)90

Introduction to (Langmead) [L] 25(5)84

KGV 9d postage stamps on telegraph forms (Wilkinson) [M] 45(1)1

Langmead Collection to British Library (British Library) [S] 29(5)97

London, Chatham and Dover Railway, telegraph stamps (Panting & Gibson) [L] 54(2)45

Lundy Island, labels (Lawrence) [M] 43(3)72

Postage and telegraph dies of De La Rue from the Inland Revenue records (Ramsay) [M] 59(6)128

Postage stamps, mutilation of (Lawrence) [L] 38(1)10, (Wilkinson) [L] 41(6)120

Private telegraph stamps, cancellations on (Talbot) [M] 51(4)88

QV surface printed, 1867‑1882 5s values (Symonds) [L] 60(4)82

South Eastern Railway telegraph stamps (Panting & Gibson) [L] 59(6)131

Specimens, Universal Private Telegraph Company (Langmead) [N] 25(3)60

Stamp booklets (Lowe & Stirling) [S] 22(3)45

Survey, numbers issued and catalogue values (Graham) [L] 40(2)32

Telegraph form, QV stamps used on (Weston) [M] 48(6)138