Techniques of Philately

Archival protectors (Jackson) [N] 27(1)14

Book review, Collector's Guide to the Care and Repair of Books and Documents. Moss (Jackson) [R] 29(5)98

Examination of the Ink & Paper of the Commonwealth of Australia Postage Stamp King George V 1d Red. Hosking (Dagnall) [R] 36(6)104

SG Sterling Stamp & Stationery Album. (Jackson) [R] 33(2)36

Certifying GB officials, analysis of opinions given (Astley) [M] 43(3)61

Computer, using Fisher‑Brown plating gauge with (Abela & Jackson) [L] 40(2)26, (McCulloch) [M] 40(3)53

Computers, using to write up a collection (Jackson) [L] 29(5)88

Controls, plating aid (Jackson) [S] 21(1)5

Expert Committee of the RPSL, how it operates (Harman) [L] 38(3)43

Glossary of terms, suggested (Wiseman) [N] 32(3)56

Ink, analysis of black Free franks of London (Galland) [L] 56(6)121

KGV Seahorse issue, blanks for writing up (Kearsley) [N] 45(5)106

Microscope, computer (use of Intel QX3 with KGV 2s 6d Seahorse issue) (Maushammer) [L] 39(1)2

Newspaper wrapper, investigating a missing part of a stamp impression (Courtis) [L] 53(4)89

Perforation Fingerprints. Escott (Simpson) [R] 53(1)23

Perforation fingerprints, (1) Measuring the Diameters of Perforation Holes (Escott) [L] 48(3)76

— (2) Using the Long Reach Device (LRD) (Escott) [L] 48(4)96

— (3) A practical example: separation resistance (Escott) [L] 48(4)99

— (4) Recording the results of Perforation Hole Measurement (PHM) (Escott) [L] 48(5)118

— (5) Measuring Perforation Hole Positioning (PHP) using a Mechanical Measuring Device (MMD) (Escott) [L] 48(6)131

— (6) Identifying Faked Perforations (Escott) [L] 49(1)6

— 1d Venetian red (Escott) [M] 50(3)59

Photocopying (Dagnall) [M] 38(4)72, (Smith) [M] 38(5)86

Shades, measurement of (Currie) [M] 38(6)105, (Harman) [M] 39(1)12, (Peacock) [M] 39(1)13, (Allan) [S] 39(1)15, (Cranmer) [M] 39(2)28, (Currie) [M] 39(2)29, (Wiseman) [L] 39(2)30, (Currie) [S] 39(3)51, (McGill) [S] 39(4)76

UV lamps (Wiseman) [N] 32(3)56

Watermarks, light for viewing (Viewlite) (Dagnall) [S] 39(5)100