Postage Dues

1929 controls (Alexander) [L] 39(3)45

1951 provisional use of postage stamps (Worsfold) [L] 41(3)48

Adhesives, last week of, January 2000 (Mark) [M] 39(3)58

Book review, Postage Due Mail Study Group Journal: Cumulative Index to Issues 1‑36 (1997‑2005) (Jackson) [R] 45(3)65

Display by Bob Murton (Gilbert) [S] 27(3)46

General account (SWL90) [S] 28(2)56

KGV ½d colour trial (Jackson) [N] 30(2)32

Plating controls (Wilkinson) [S] 39(4)77

Shades of the KEVIII 2s 6d (Murray) [N] 21(4)56

Training stamps, on parcel training cards (Wheatley) [L] 60(4)73

— used in lessons (Jackson) [L] 60(2)28, (Donaldson & Galland) [M] 60(3)71

Waterlow provisional printing (Wilkinson) [N] 23(4)50