Volume 21 (1983)

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Volume 21, Number 1

1 Editorial by Dr Alan Huggins (E)
2 The Postal Treatment of Class Publications and Prices Current by Harry Dagnall (M)
5 Control Plating Aid by Mike Jackson (S)
5 Cinderella Stamp Club, Private Post, New Series No. 6, 1983 by Dr Alan Huggins (R)
6 KGV Downey Head ½d Die 1a - a Study of the Plates by Mike Jackson (L)
12 Postal Stationery Graffiti by Harry Dagnall (N)
13 4d Surface Printed Variety by Crawford Alexander (N)
13 1½d PUC Variety by H. S. Doupé (N)
13 Printers' Samples by G. Bullock (N)
13 1d Lilac Varieties by D. Grimson (N)
13 1926 2d Broken Frame by Jean Alexander (N)
14 KGVI and QEII Booklet Panes of Two by Sam Lawrence (M)
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Volume 21, Number 3

25 Editorial by Dr Alan Huggins (E)
26 World's First Postcodes? by John Lush (L)
31 Balfours & Co. Ltd Postage Stamp and Stamped Post Card Machine by W. L. Morton (S)
32 British Naval Post and Censor Marks of the First World War (10/11) by M. H. Gould (S)
34 KGVI The Obliteration of the Controls by H. S. Doupé (M)
35 Postage Due Marks by John Welch (S)
36 Postage Envelope Series by Dr Alan Huggins (S)
37 Boehm Head of Queen Victoria by George W. Smith (M)
38 1d Rose‑Red Plate 60 by Albert Bingham (N)
39 London Postmark by R. S. Atkinson (N)
39 Imperf. Technology by Harmers of London (N)
39 'Sit‑in Strike' by M. H. Gould (N)
39 1d Red Perf. Variety by Albert Bingham (N)
40 Reck, Great Britain, The Line‑Engraved Issues of the Victorian Era by Harold Fisher (R)
40 Wiggins, British Line‑Engraved Stamps: Repaired Impressions by Harry Dagnall (R)
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Volume 21, Number 4

41 Editorial by Dr Alan Huggins (E)
42 De La Rue Proofs for the 1867 Paris and 1871 London Exhibitions by Christopher G. Harman (M)
43 Bradbury, Wilkinson Seahorse 2s 6d Value - Major Re‑Entry by George W. Smith (S)
44 KEVII Miscellany by Dr R. W. Powell (M)
45 Peach, UK Machine Marks by Harry Dagnall (R)
45 Cohen, Squared Circle Postmarks of the London Suburban District Offices by Harry Dagnall (R)
45 Goodbody, The Railway Sub Offices of Great Britain by Dr Alan Huggins (R)
45 Goodbody, An Introduction and Guide to the Travelling Post Offices of Great Britain, 2nd edn. by Dr Alan Huggins (R)
46 World's First Postcodes? by John Lush (L)
51 QV - Line‑Engraved Study Circle Notes by Robert Folkard (S)
52 Insurance and Compensation of Foreign Mail 1899-1946 by W. Raife Wellsted (M)
53 A Very 'Private' Postcard or an Early Letter Card? by Jean Alexander (S)
54 1839 Treasury Competition - Benjamin Cheverton's Contribution by F. M. Johnson (M)
55 Disaster Narrowly Averted, A by Harry Dagnall (N)
56 1d Red Plate Flaw by Philip Robinson (N)
56 1861 3d Inverted Watermark by Dr Keith J. Wood (N)
56 Surface Printed 4d Flaw by Albert Bingham (N)
56 KEVIII 2s 6d To Pay by Peter Murray (N)
56 Postal Stationery News by Dr Alan Huggins (N)
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Volume 21, Number 5

57 Newspaper Notes by John Chandler and Harry Dagnall (L)
62 Photogravure Phantoms by Peter Murray (N)
62 Postage Due Marks by John Forbes‑Nixon (N)
62 Lost - One Die by Harry Dagnall (N)
63 SG 162 - Frame Break by D. Forbes‑Smith (N)
63 Postmasters' Circulars and Instructions Relating to Postal Stationery by Dr Alan Huggins (M)
71 KEVII Miscellany by Dr R. W. Powell (M)
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Volume 21, Number 6

73 British County Catalogue of Postal History, Vol. 3, London by Dr Alan Huggins (R)
74 Printers' Samples - The Colour Trials by Peter Young (L)
81 Notes on the 1d Lilac - The Interpane Pillars by Peter Young and Dr R. W. Powell (M)
84 British Naval Post and Censor Marks of the First World War (11/11) by M. H. Gould (L)

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