Volume 58 (2020)

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Volume 58, Number 1

1 A Review of the Frame Breaks in the QV £1 Oblongs by Chris Symonds (L)
17 Die Proofs of De La Rue (6): Progressive Proofs - The Small Head Dies, A Summary by Peter Young (M)
20 Booklet Byways: Queen Elizabeth II Pattern Books by Ian Harvey (M)
22 QV Jubilee 1½d GOVT. PARCELS on Parcel Tag by Marius Wlodarczyk (M)
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Volume 58, Number 2

25 Survey of 1,500 Covers with Embossed Postage Stamps 1847-1864 by Peter McCann (L)
34 Pre‑Decimal Machin Booklet Covers by Ian Harvey (L)
39 Scissor‑Cut Penny Stars by Mike Jackson (S)
40 Express Railway Letters by Austin Davis (L)
48 Colin 'Michael' Astley by Jonathan Astley (S)
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Volume 58, Number 3

49 Stanton and Rushworth Revisited: a fresh look at the 1934 provisional letterpress issues by Anthony Blackstock (L)
66 Repair by Hand Retouch to 1d Die 2 Plate 86 by Winston Hollins (M)
68 Wildings: The Papers of the Multiple Crown Watermark Issues by Austin Barnes (M)
70 Edinburgh "St Andrew's Cross" Duplex by David Wilson and Mike Jackson (M)
72 English and Welsh Spoon Cancels 1853-1870 - Update by Russell Taylor (S)
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Volume 58, Number 4

73 King Edward VII Books of Stamps by Ian Harvey (L)
77 Late Mail of the London EC District Office by Axel Meilinger (L)
81 A Rare 1840 Entire from Lausanne by Alan Sacks (L)
86 The Railex Service by Austin Davis (L)
92 1d/2d Perf. 16 (SG 36/36a) Used Together by Ray Simpson (M)
94 1934 Provisional Issues - A Brief Response by David B. Escott (M)
96 Notes on Twopenny Post Handstamps by Stephen Teuma and Peter Lister (S)
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Volume 58, Number 5

97 One Penny Reserve Die 1 by Andrew Patmore (L)
105 Tales of an 'Enhanced' Penny Black Plate 5 by Kevin Maunder (M)
108 'OUS' Cover to an Oxford Solicitor by Vincent West (M)
110 KEVII 1d Plate 88? by Hugh Crossman (M)
112 Format Packs by Jean Alexander (M)
114 King Edward VII Books of Stamps: Harrison panes, displaced clichés and plate marks by Ian Harvey (L)
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Volume 58, Number 6

121 The Use of Bisected 1d Stamps To Pay For ½d Postage by Karl Louis (L)
129 The Introduction of Black Obliterating Ink in 1841 by Howard Hughes (L)
135 Decimal Machin Booklet Cover Essays by Ian Harvey (M)
137 Die Proofs of De La Rue (7): Destruction of Head Dies in 1886 by Peter Young (M)
139 Henry Archer's Rouletting Machines by Ray Simpson (L)

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