Volume 31 (1993)

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Volume 31, Number 1

1 Rex v. Lowden by Harry Dagnall (L)
11 Treasury Roulette Mystery by Don Madden (M)
12 'Shaida' Seahorses by Andrew Claridge (M)
14 Delivering to Mr Belton in Belton! by Dr John L. Hart (S)
15 Downey Head Halfpenny Die 1a Perf. 14 (SG 323a/SG Spec. N1b) by Graham Mark (L)
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Volume 31, Number 2

21 Q/R Controls of the 1887 and 1900 ½d by W. A. Wiseman (L)
27 SG Specialised Vol. 2, King Edward VII to King George VI, 9th edn. 1993 by Mike Jackson (R)
28 Gellatly & Wlodarczyk, Morocco Agencies: the Overprinted Edward VII issues of GB 1907-1913 by Mike Jackson (R)
28 SG Collect British Stamps, 44th edn. by Mike Jackson (R)
28 SG Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps, 9th edn. by Mike Jackson (R)
28 Donald, The Posts of Sevenoaks in Kent by Harry Dagnall (R)
29 First United Kingdom Aerial Post 1911 by Dennis Edwards (S)
30 Newspapers in the Post by Harry Dagnall (S)
31 Missing Perforation Holes on Penny Reds by Robert J. Maushammer (M)
32 Mail 'by British' to and from Latin America c. 1800-1880 by Phil Kenton (M)
35 King George V 1½d by Allan Jones (L)
39 King George VI Definitives by Reg Sanders (S)
40 Perforation varieties on the Penny Red by Don Madden (S)
40 British Newspaper Sent Abroad by George W. Smith (S)
40 Downey Head - extra row of perforations by Ray Simpson (N)
40 KGV missing perforation hole by Ross Candlish (N)
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Volume 31, Number 3

41 3d Rate and Notices of Objection or 'Good Old Brighton' by R. M. Willcocks (M)
46 Shades of Green by John Q. Ressler (M)
48 KGVI £1 'Arms' by Gerry Bater (M)
49 Neglected Plate Varieties 1887-1913 by Marius Wlodarczyk (M)
52 De La Rue's Embossed Dummy Stamp by Harry Dagnall (M)
53 Missing perforation holes on Penny Reds - Corrigendum and Addendum (C)
54 National Postal Museum Review of 1992 by Mike Jackson (R)
54 SG Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue, 8th edn. by Mike Jackson (R)
54 Royal Cypher Halfpenny plate flaw by Leslie Wilkinson (N)
54 KEVII rubber stamp overprints by Terry Pusterla (N)
55 Going Dutch by Steve Bainbridge (S)
56 Queen of Diamonds by Austin Davis (M)
58 1841 2d Plate 3 - Retouching of the Check Letter E by R. V. Eden (M)
60 Parcel Mail Company, 1846 by Harry Dagnall (M)
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Volume 31, Number 4

61 Some Thoughts on Stamp Designs by Harry Dagnall (M)
63 Downey Head perf. 14 control by F. T. Hunt (S)
64 1841 2d Plate 3 - retouching of the check letter E - Correction (C)
64 London Parcels Delivery Company by Vivien Sussex (S)
64 Forged Departmental Official overprints by Christopher G. Harman (N)
65 KEVIII booklet panes of two by Reg Sanders (S)
66 King George VI Definitives by Reg Sanders (M)
67 President's Display by Alan M. Gilbert (L)
73 Neglected Plate Varieties 1887-1913 by Marius Wlodarczyk (L)
78 3d Rate and Penny Pinks by Michael Lockton (M)
80 Myall, Complete Deegam Machin Handbook by Tony Walker (R)
80 Moubray & Moubray, British Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations 1840-1875 by Alan M. Gilbert (R)
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Volume 31, Number 5

81 Designs of the 1929 PUC Low‑value Stamps by Harry Dagnall (L)
85 Modernising with Perfins and Typewriters by F. W. Taylor (S)
86 Midland (GB) PHS, Local Posts of the Midland Counties to 1840 by Mike Jackson (R)
86 Dagnall, Postal Stationery Wrappers by Mike Jackson (R)
86 Dagnall, Ex Luce Lucellum by Mike Jackson (R)
87 Cohen, Collecting British Squared Circle Postmarks by Mike Jackson (R)
87 QEII Wilding Definitives Paper by Gerry Bater (S)
88 2d Mulreadys with 'Numbers in Maltese Cross' by R. C. E. Compton (M)
89 Hassan Shaida Trophy at Stampex (N)
89 Protective Overprints and Underprints by W. P. Bird (S)
90 Airmail to Jersey 1936? by Graham Mark (S)
91 KEVIII Booklet Panes of Two by Ian Harvey (M)
92 The 'Durham' Collection of Line‑Engraved (S)
94 1s Embossed - Earliest Known Date of Use by Winston Williams (M)
96 Royal Cypher 1½d - Control K 18 by Graham Mark (N)
96 Who paid the deficiency? by Tony Finch (N)
96 KEVII rubber stamp overprints by F. R. Badcock (N)
96 Miscut Machin pane by Pete Daniels (N)
97 Advertising in sheet margins by Jean Alexander (S)

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