Volume 42 (2004)

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Volume 42, Number 1

1 Early British Letters by Malcolm Ray‑Smith (L)
19 Fake (?) Red No. 5 in Maltese Cross by Robin Cassell (M)
20 Stock Exchange Forgery Plate 6 by Mike Jackson (L)
24 The Cambridge Blue Seahorse by John Garnsey (M)
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Volume 42, Number 2

25 King George V ½d 'New Moon' Flaw by Jack Clark (L)
28 SmartStamps: The Shape of Things to Come? by Mike Jackson (M)
29 Security Embossing by Novelli & Co. by Vincent West (M)
30 Brauers, Scarce Victorian Postage Stamps of Great Britain on Cover by Austin Davis (R)
32 Tabeart, United Kingdom Letter Rates - Inland and Overseas - 1635 to 1900 by Graham Mark (R)
33 Mackay, Philatelic Terms Illustrated by Mike Jackson (R)
33 Mapleton, The Rubber Datestamps of Cumbria by Mike Jackson (R)
34 Rossall, The Postal History of the City of York by Mike Jackson (R)
35 Waste Paper by David Rowse (M)
36 KEVII One Penny Pin Flaws by Terry Pusterla (L)
48 Cyprus Green by Mike Jackson (S)
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Volume 42, Number 3

49 Early Use of the Black Maltese Cross by Andrew Claridge (L)
58 Penny Black Plate 3 Block of 42 by Mike Jackson and Andrew Claridge (L)
62 Victorian Reams by Don Madden (M)
65 The King Edward VII Column by Trevor Harris (L)
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Volume 42, Number 4

69 College Stamp Covers - a Statistical Summary by Vincent West (L)
74 Semi‑Spoiled Sheets by Don Madden (M)
76 Those Cambridge Blues by Bryan Kearsley (M)
78 What was Rose Pink? by W. de L. M. Messenger (M)
80 Scottish Experimental Stamp Packs by Jim Nicolson (L)
84 Hybrid Large Crown Watermark Paper: Two New Discoveries by Robert J. Maushammer (M)
86 The KEVII Column by Trevor Harris (M)
89 1d Plate 142, Re‑entry on LL? by Mike Jackson (S)
89 1841 1d, FG, Line through F square by Mike Jackson (S)
90 1d Plate 171, SK by Martin Jenkinson (S)
90 End of the Maltese Cross Obliterator by Howard Hughes (M)
92 KEVII One Penny Pin Flaws - Addenda by Terry Pusterla (C)
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Volume 42, Number 5

93 A Facsimile Stamp for Junk Mail by Harry Dagnall (S)
94 Rose Pink by W. de L. M. Messenger (M)
95 10d Embossed Cover from the Re‑Issue Period by Dr Alan Huggins (S)
96 End of the Maltese Cross in Edinburgh by David Turner (M)
97 MArch or MAy? by Mike Jackson (S)
97 Shades by John Garnsey (S)
98 Wattses Underprints Revisited by Terry Pusterla (L)
101 King Edward VIII - Stamps from Booklets by Jack Clark (L)
108 The Fate of Spoilt Sheets by Don Madden (M)
111 The KEVII Column by Trevor Harris (L)
115 Pin Repairs on the KEVII 1d by W. A. Wiseman (M)
116 Langmead & Huggins, The Telegraph Stamps and Stationery of Great Britain by Conrad Graham (R)
116 SG Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps, 20th edn by Mike Jackson (R)
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Volume 42, Number 6

117 The Post‑Office by Mike Jackson (L)
130 Postcards bought before the First Day of Use by John Forbes‑Nixon (M)
131 SG Specialised Vol. 1, Queen Victoria, 13th edn. 2004 by Scott Treacey (R)
132 Cyprus or Cypress? by Ken McBride (M)
134 1841 Covers to Berlin by Mike Jackson (M)
135 Multipositives for the KGV Photogravure ½d and 1d by John Gowland (S)
136 Prussiate of Potash by W. de L. M. Messenger (M)
136 Correction by Mike Jackson (C)
137 1855 1d, Alphabet 2, Plate 12, JH by Paul Witham (S)
137 Cyprus Green? by Leslie Wilkinson (S)
138 MA is for March by Graham Wylde (S)

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