Volume 57 (2019)

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Volume 57, Number 1

1 Die Proofs of De La Rue (3): Progressive Proofs on White Card by Peter Young (M)
4 Do Archer‑Perforated Stamps from Plate 95 Actually Exist? by Mike Williams (L)
9 A Fresh Look at Postage Stamp Perforation 1880-1901 by Ray Simpson (L)
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Volume 57, Number 2

25 A New Discovery: QV 2s 6d (SG 175) On Cover by James Heal (M)
27 KEVII 2s 6d (SG 260) Single Franking Cover by James Heal (S)
28 Type 3 Post Office Express Label by Roger West and Steven Harrison (S)
29 KGV 1½d Royal Cypher (SG 362-365, N18) with Distorted Watermark by John Gledhill (S)
30 King Edward VII 1½d - Unusual Shade by Alan Vaughan (S)
31 Brecknock Mileage Mark Error by Don Davies (L)
36 1854 Embossed 6d on a Tiny Registered Parcel? by Peter Newroth (M)
38 1855/1856 4d Carmine - Half‑Moon Flaw by Andrew Patmore (S)
39 A Great Britain Wrapper Directed to a Ship Passenger in Suez by Dr John K. Courtis (L)
44 1913 Profile Head Multiple Cypher Roll End Dates by Dave Cox (M)
46 KGV 1s Plate Flaw - 'ONF' for 'ONE' by David Poynton (M)
48 The Launceston Sideways Duplex That Wasn't by Ray Barton (S)
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Volume 57, Number 3

49 King Edward VII 1d Plate 48 by Alan Vaughan (S)
50 The Early Repairs to Penny Black Plate 9 by Kevin Maunder (L)
60 Tadcaster C.D.S. Fault Solved by Ken Brown (N)
60 Correction - KGV 1s Plate Flaw (C)
61 What's Special About 14 September 1923? by David Kaiserman (S)
62 Printings of the KEVII 6d Plate 9 by Peter Hawkes (M)
64 Inland Revenue 2s 6d Stamp by Edward Walker (S)
65 A King Edward VIII Mystery by Robin Restall (M)
68 Booklet Byways: King Edward VII Inside Front Cover Essay by Ian Harvey (M)
69 Die Proofs of De La Rue (4): Progressive Proofs of De La Rue - Experimental Dies by Peter Young (M)
72 Meter Mark Mystery by Mike Jackson and Gwynne Harries (S)
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Volume 57, Number 4

73 A Thousand Penny Blacks: A Study of their Scarcity, Quality and Value by Martin Kirkbride (L)
87 KGVI 2½d Ultramarine Control H40 Cylinder 28 - Perf. Type 6 by Mike Jackson (S)
88 Die Proofs of De La Rue (5): Progressive Proofs of De La Rue - Re‑Engraving or Re‑Cutting of Dies by Peter Young (M)
91 Booklet Byways: King Edward VII Inside Front Cover Essay - Addendum by Ian Harvey (S)
92 Booklet Byways: 1955 Queen Elizabeth II Dummy Books for Interleaving by Ian Harvey (L)
96 KGV Block Cypher 1½d Plate Markings by Steve Bainbridge (S)
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Volume 57, Number 5

97 1854 GB Serpentine 'Treasury' Roulettes on Cover by Peter Newroth (L)
100 Cracking Archer's First Roulette Fingerprint by David B. Escott (M)
103 A Thousand Penny Blacks by Kevin Maunder (S)
104 1867 1s Green Watermark Spray on Dr Perkins Paper Overprinted SPECIMEN Imperforate by Robin Swaffield (M)
106 Penny Red Stars Used Abroad by Mike Batty (L)
110 The Continuing Problem with Advertising Labels! by James Heal (L)
114 Booklet Byways: King Edward VII Crown Watermark Displacement by Ian Harvey (S)
115 1s Orange‑Brown Plate 13 Watermark Spray (SG 151) on Cover by Bob Trower and Mike Jackson (S)
116 London Late Mail - A Provisional Handstamp? by Paul Watkins (L)
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Volume 57, Number 6

121 The 1937 Coronation Stamp: Cylinder 4 by Robin Restall (L)
128 Chasing the 2d Tyrian Plum by Matthew Healey (L)
140 Late Use of 'OUS' Postal Stationery by Vincent West (M)
142 2d Jubilee 'GOVT. PARCELS' Variety by David Kaiserman (S)
143 1d Black Plate 10 Lettered CI in State 2 by Kevin Maunder (M)
144 English Spoon Cancellations Some New Dates by Stephen Teuma (M)

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