Volume 32 (1994)

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Volume 32, Number 1

1 An Introduction to Revenue Stamps by Harry Dagnall (L)
15 Wilson, Specialised Machin Catalogue, 2nd edn. by Mike Jackson (R)
15 Goodwin, Do You Know Your British Stamps? by Alan M. Gilbert (R)
15 SG Specialised Vol. 3, Queen Elizabeth II Pre‑Decimal Issues, 9th edn. 1993 by Mike Jackson (R)
15 SG Collect British Stamps, 45th edn. by Mike Jackson (R)
16 Charging More or Less for Booklets by Douglas Latto (M)
18 The Penny Lilac Bisected by Alan M. Gilbert (M)
20 2d Mulreadys with 'Numbers in Maltese Cross' by Karl Louis (S)
20 Who paid the deficiency? by J. M. Beard (N)
20 A. I. Matthews by A. J. Kirk (S)
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Volume 32, Number 2

21 An Update on the Pin (Plug) Flaws by Michael Brooks (L)
32 Postal History of London 1663-1900 by A. J. Kirk (M)
35 Lunn, Guide to the History and Values of British Postal Orders 1881-1984 by Graeme Sherman (R)
35 Perfin Society Illustrated Handlist of GB Perfins - Hospital Dies by Graeme Sherman (R)
35 Perfin Society, Catalogue of Perfins 1924-1925 British Empire Exhibiton Stamps by Graeme Sherman (R)
35 The Heath Family Engravers 1779-1878 by Harry Dagnall (R)
35 SG Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps, 10th edn. by Mike Jackson (R)
35 Variety Club News by Mike Jackson (R)
36 Penny Red and Penny Blue Revisited by Peter Worsfold (M)
39 Booklet Panes of Two - a Correction by Ian Harvey (C)
39 Silk Stamps by Tony Finch (N)
40 2d Mulreadys with 'Numbers in Maltese Cross' by R. C. E. Compton (A)
40 Revenue Material in the British Library by D. R. Beech (N)
40 The 3d Rate by Mike Moran (N)
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Volume 32, Number 3

41 One Penny Die II Alphabet III: the Rare Plate 53 by Don Madden (L)
55 Back to Stamps by W. A. Wiseman (L)
59 George W. Smith by Harry Dagnall (S)
60 StampMaster - A GB Database System by Mike Jackson (R)
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Volume 32, Number 4

61 The Penny Red: a Notation for Missing Perforation Pins by Ray Simpson (M)
64 First Day Cover of the First Surface Printed Stamp by Gilbert Wheat (S)
65 StampMaster - GB Database by Douglas N. Muir (M)
66 KGV Royal Cypher Dates of Issue by Leslie Wilkinson (M)
68 '½v' Cuts on Coil Stamps by Dr John Rundo (M)
69 A King George VI Proof by Peter Worsfold (M)
70 QV Surface Printed Die Proofs with Pencilled Numbers by Bob Galland and Douglas Latto (M)
72 One Penny Die II, Plate 53 by David Leivers (S)
72 One Penny Die II, Plate 53 by Dr C. J. O. Taylor (S)
73 More Thoughts on Design by Harry Dagnall (M)
76 Dagnall, Creating a Good Impression: Three hundred years of The Stamp Office and stamp duties by Graeme Sherman (R)
76 SG Specialised Vol. 4, Queen Elizabeth II Decimal Definitive Issues, 7th edn. 1994 by Mike Jackson (R)
76 SG Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue, 9th edn. by Mike Jackson (R)
76 Variety Club News by Mike Jackson (R)
77 'Via Hull - Not London' by F. W. Taylor (M)
78 Line‑Engraved Colours and the 'Penny Blue' by J. Gibbons‑Partridge (M)
80 Series 3 Booklets by Ian Harvey (S)
80 QV Jubilee 5d Variety by Robert J. Maushammer (S)
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Volume 32, Number 5

81 One Penny Die II, Alphabet III: Plate 53 by W. de L. M. Messenger (S)
82 House of Stamps Forgeries by Robson Lowe (M)
86 King George V Varieties by Leslie Wilkinson (M)
88 Sorting the QEII 'Castles' by Gerry Bater (M)
90 Privately Manufactured Letter Cards by Bob Murton (S)
91 Privately Manufactured Letter Cards by Austin Davis (S)
92 Tutill's Parcel Labels by Harry Dagnall (M)
93 Reversed Date Slug by F. W. Taylor (M)
94 1857 2d, Plate 6: Repaired Impression SL by Karl Louis (M)
96 Vaccination Certificates by Michael Lockton (M)

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