Volume 27 (1989)

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Volume 27, Number 1

1 Introduction of the Seahorse Issue by Leslie Wilkinson (L)
7 Notes on the 1d Lilac - Sheet Numbering by Peter Young (M)
8 Reply to a Critical Review by D. J. Aggersberg (M)
10 Postal Cover to Major‑General F. S. Russell, CMG by M. A. M. Graham (M)
13 Paper thickness of the 1d red C9s by G. Chappell (N)
13 KGVI Silver Wedding 'Specimen' by Mike Jackson (N)
13 KEVII 6d variety by Peter Hawkes (N)
13 Twopence Line‑Engraved by Graeme Sherman (N)
14 New 'Archival' Protectors by Mike Jackson (N)
14 SG Specialised Vol. 3, Queen Elizabeth II Decimal Special Issues, 1st edn. 1988 by Harry Dagnall (R)
15 From Bicycles to Biplanes by Hassan Shaida (M)
18 Morocco Agencies - 17 September 1988 by A. J. Kirk (S)
18 British Postal Reforms of 1839-1840 by Leslie Wilkinson (M)
19 Guided Tour of Newspaper Stamps by A. J. Kirk (M)
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Volume 27, Number 2

21 Wyon Essays - Not Only 1839 But Also 1879 by George W. Smith (M)
24 Sequel to the World's First Postcodes by Alan Sabey (M)
26 Plating the Pictorial Aerogrammes by Andrew Whitworth (S)
26 National Insurance Stamp Essay by Ross Candlish (N)
27 1922 Advertisement Trials by Leslie Wilkinson (S)
28 Breaking Down a Collection of GB Perfins by Dr R. W. Powell (L)
32 One Penny Red Imperforate, Plate 13 by Cliff Boas (M)
33 Provincial Meeting at Bournemouth by Christopher G. Harman (M)
34 Valuables by Post by Alan M. Gilbert (S)
34 More on Neale's Steam Press Experiment by W. de L. M. Messenger (S)
35 1883 Dull Green - the 'HO' Forgeries by Oliver Ffooks (S)
36 Downey Head 1d variety by Andrew G. Lajer (N)
36 Marginal Phantom by B. Alan Ltd (N)
36 KGV Royal Cypher halfpenny variety by Martin Fairhurst (N)
36 William Morgan imperf. by H & B Philatelists Ltd (N)
37 London Ship Letter by John Griffiths (S)
37 Barber & Brown, Royal Cypher Labels of Great Britain, Ireland & the Colonies by Harry Dagnall (R)
37 SG Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps, 5th edn. by Harry Dagnall (R)
37 SG Collect British Stamps, 40th edn. by Harry Dagnall (R)
38 Cancelled Newspaper Stamps by Harry Dagnall (M)
40 KGV Notes by Leslie Wilkinson (M)
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Volume 27, Number 3

41 Midland (GB) PHS, The Undated Straight Line and Numbered Receiving House Marks of the Midland Counties 1840-1860 by Harry Dagnall (R)
41 SG Specialised Vol. 1, Queen Victoria, 9th edn. 1989 by Mike Jackson (R)
42 William Clowes, Printer by Dr J. A. Bolzan (M)
45 The President's Display by A. J. Kirk (S)
45 Booklets and Stamps of KGVI and QEII by Alan M. Gilbert (S)
46 Great Britain Errors and Varieties by A. J. Kirk (S)
46 Postage Dues by Alan M. Gilbert (S)
47 London Postal History and the Royal Navy by A. J. Kirk (S)
48 Provisional 40 Paras on ½d by Alan Sabey (M)
49 William Wyon and the Whiting Embossed Heads by George W. Smith (M)
50 Plating the Pictorial Aerogrammes by Andrew Whitworth (M)
52 Two Unrealised Rarities by Gilbert Wheat (M)
54 Impossible Lettering of the Stock Exchange Forgery by Ian Ray (L)
58 Liverpool Spoon Cancellation by Ray Barton (N)
59 KGV Royal Cypher penny - new plate markings by Brian Bundock (N)
59 Neale's Steam Press Experiment by Rowland G. Allum (N)
59 9d Lilac and Green Forgeries by V. B. Crookes (N)
59 SG Specialised Vol. 4, Queen Elizabeth II Decimal Definitive Issues, 5th edn. 1988 - reply by Tony Finch (R)
60 1976 13p Roses with missing value by B. Alan Ltd (S)
60 Armada 1988 error by B. Alan Ltd (N)
60 Downey Head booklet panes with upright watermark inverted! by Mike Jackson (S)
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Volume 27, Number 4

61 Programme 1989-90 (E)
61 Editorial Tribute by Mike Jackson (E)
62 Inland Registered Mail, 1841-1854 by Austin Davis (M)
63 Another Wyon 'City' Medal by George W. Smith (M)
65 1937 Coronation Stamp - Constant Flaws on Control Blocks by Robin Restall (L)
69 Plating and Controls of the Block Cypher 4d by J. M. Kinabrew (S)
70 The Courboulds and the Queen's Head by George W. Smith (M)
72 Two interesting Line‑Engraved items by Ian Dixon‑Patterson (S)
72 Wembley: posted between dates by Alan Sabey (S)
73 Date of issue of embossed stamps by R. M. Willcocks (S)
73 Weighing machine at the GPO by Harry Dagnall (S)
74 Liverpool spoon cancellations by I. R. Little (N)
74 Liverpool spoon cancellations by Richard Arundel (N)
74 'S'-in‑circle postmark by Michael Lockton (N)
74 Fletcher Collection transferred to the British Library by Mike Jackson (S)
75 An Undesirable Error by Hassan Shaida (M)
76 KEVII Miscellany by Dr R. W. Powell (M)
78 Plating the Pictorial Aerogrammes by Andrew Whitworth (M)
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Volume 27, Number 5

81 The KEVII Penny No Watermark (SG 272a) by Michael Brooks (M)
83 Perkins, Bacon's Plate Series Numbers by W. de L. M. Messenger (S)
84 The Waterlow 'Castle' High Values 1955-58 by The Lord Spens (M)
85 Plating the Pictorial Aerogrammes by Andrew Whitworth (M)
86 'My Own Dear Mary Jane' by Ernest Skelly (L)
90 The Bishop Mark by A. J. Kirk (M)
92 Detoured Mail as a Result of the Franco‑Prussian War 1870-1871 by John Levett (M)
94 Inland Registered Mail by Vivien Sussex (M)
96 SG Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue, 4th edn. by Mike Jackson (R)
96 Cinderella Stamp Club, The Private Post 1986 to 1989 by Mike Jackson (R)
96 The Story of Line‑Engraved Stamps (S)
96 Plating of the Penny 1840-64 by David Lewthwaite (S)
97 Neal's Steam Press experiment by Rowland G. Allum (N)
97 Date of issue of embossed stamps by A. J. Kirk (N)
97 Inland registered mail by A. R. White (S)
97 Downey Head halfpenny - partial double prints by Mike Jackson (S)
97 Downey Head penny Die 2 - plate marking by Mike Jackson (N)
98 Downey Head halfpenny Die 1b - plate flaw by Mike Jackson (N)
98 Spectacular 14p sheet by Mike Holt (N)
98 KGVI 2/6 miscut booklet by Mike Holt (N)
98 Machin 14p imperf. by Mike Holt (N)

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