Volume 45 (2007)

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Volume 45, Number 1

1 Use of 9d King George V Stamps - 1 by Leslie Wilkinson (M)
2 Use of 9d King George V Stamps - 2 by Graham Mark (M)
3 Parcel Post Privy Council Licence by Max Melrose (S)
5 The One That Got Away! by John Forbes‑Nixon (S)
5 Imperforate Plate 186, TB by David Lewthwaite (S)
6 1935 Silver Jubilee: Quantities Printed and Sold by Harvey J. Russell (M)
8 'SHIP LOST' and 'SHIP SUBMARINED' by Robert Johnson (M)
10 The Prince Consort Essay in Red‑Brown Perforated 16 by Timothy Bryan Burgess (M)
11 A new find of an 1862 3d Rose Abnormal Plate 3 by Karl Louis (M)
13 KGV 7d on Express Cover by Max Melrose (M)
14 Mulready Advertisements by Tom Slemons (M)
17 Madden & Louis, The Dublin Find by Harry Dagnall (R)
18 Stoneham Catalogue of British Stamps 1840-2005 by Mike Jackson (R)
20 The Mary Adshead Archive - 1 by Bill Barrell (L)
24 1d Die 2, Alphabet 2, Plate 20 by Paul Witham (M)
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Volume 45, Number 2

25 The 1890 Jubilee Christmas Card by John Davies (L)
33 A Registered Letter Receipt of 1841 by F. W. Taylor (L)
38 The Mary Adshead Archive - 2 by Bill Barrell (L)
42 1d Reds with Red Maltese Crosses - New 'Discoveries' by Andrew Chappell (L)
48 Salmon, The Life and Work of Charles Whiting and the Beaufort House Press by Harry Dagnall (R)
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Volume 45, Number 3

49 Brunswick Star Cancellations by Dr Alfred Thomas (L)
55 On Certificates by David Rowlands (S)
56 The Production and Use of the KGVI Dulac Adhesives by Gavin Fryer (L)
64 Joseph Coles, papermaker by Harry Dagnall (S)
65 SG Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps, 23rd edn by Mike Jackson (R)
65 Postage Due Mail Study Group Journal: Cumulative Index to Issues 1-36 by Mike Jackson (R)
66 Returned Letter Wrappers by Bob Galland and Dick & Ken Snelson Armstrong (L)
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Volume 45, Number 4

73 Overprinted Great Britain Stamps used in the United Kingdom by Barrie Cook (M)
75 The Earliest Inks of the 1881 1d Lilac by Peter Young (L)
82 'Circle over M' Flaw confirmed on 1865 4d Plate 11 by Karl Louis (M)
83 1883 2s 6d - early date by Karl Louis (S)
84 Muir, A Timeless Classic: The Evolution of Machin's Icon by Mike Jackson (R)
85 Summers, The Philatelic Filmography by Mike Jackson (R)
88 Simpson & Sargent, Stamp Perforation: The Somerset House Years 1848 to 1880 by Harry Dagnall (R)
89 SG Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue, 22nd edn, 2007 by Mike Jackson (R)
90 Myall, 40 Years of Machins - A Timeline by Mike Jackson (R)
91 The Mary Adshead Archive - 3 by Bill Barrell (M)
94 Red Maltese Crosses on 1d reds by Karl Louis (M)
95 Certificates by W. P. Bird (S)
95 Varieties of the 480-Crown Watermark by Terry Pusterla (N)
96 Cylinders of the 1935 Silver Jubilee Stamps by Harvey J. Russell (M)
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Volume 45, Number 5

97 1d Red Die 2 Plate 39 - A Date Conundrum by Mike Williams (L)
104 Buyer Beware! by Tom Slemons (M)
106 Discovering 5s & 10s Seahorses by Bryan Kearsley (L)
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Volume 45, Number 6

121 Education, Education, Education! by John Forbes‑Nixon (S)
122 The 'Transposed Advert' - SG Spec. NB27(15a) by Jack Clark (M)
123 London Hotel Posts in 1912 by Vincent West (M)
125 'SHORTH AND' by Peter Worsfold (M)
128 The 'Dollis Hill' Wilding Experimental Phosphor Trials by Mike Holt (L)
139 The Post‑Trial Archer Plates by Ray Simpson (L)
142 Great Britain 5s & 10s Seahorses by Christopher G. Harman (S)

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