Volume 48 (2010)

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Volume 48, Number 1

1 A Postcode Anniversary by Harry Dagnall (M)
3 Postcode Label by Mike Jackson (S)
4 An Important Archer Discovery by Ray Simpson (M)
5 Whoops! by John Forbes‑Nixon (S)
6 1½d Block Cypher Advert. Pane - Plate Flaw? by Steve Bainbridge (S)
6 Another Combination Cover - Correction by Ray Simpson (C)
6 SG Spec. C12 Plate 51 'Used in Jamaica'? by Mike Batty (N)
7 Comments on 1d Plate 77 (1) by W. A. Wiseman (S)
7 Comments on 1d Plate 77 (2) by Mike Batty (M)
9 Clark, Rates to Reform: A Guide to the High Postage Rates in GB 1812-1840 by Harry Dagnall (R)
10 SG Specialised Vol. 2, King Edward VII to King George VI, 13th edn. 2009 by Mike Jackson (R)
11 SG Collect British Stamps, 61st edn, 2010 by Mike Jackson (R)
12 Problems with the 6d IR Official. Can you help? by Michael Astley (M)
14 Additions to the Specialised Groups of the Penny Red Stars by Mike Batty (L)
18 The Wembley Sideways Roll by Jean Alexander (L)
23 'Treasury Roulette' Plate 163 by Mike Batty (S)
24 George V Royal Cypher Sheets with No Watermark by John Baker (M)
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Volume 48, Number 2

25 The Earliest Inks of the 1881 1d Lilac (2) by Peter Young (L)
38 An Abnormal Use of the 1d Lilac by Peter Young (M)
40 VR Official Trial Cancel in Red by Karl Louis (M)
41 Galland & Louis, Great Britain Surface Printed Postage Stamps 1855-1883 Low Values by Peter Young (R)
42 The Famous Plate 77 by Tim Clarke (L)
48 KEVIII 1d, Control A36, Cylinder 7 dot by Michael Driver (S)
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Volume 48, Number 3

49 Seahorse Experimental Plate: New Discoveries by Douglas N. Muir (L)
60 Muir, George V & The GPO - Stamps, Conflict and Creativity by Leslie Wilkinson (R)
62 1d Rose‑red Die 2 Plates 58 and 51 by Mike Batty (S)
63 Cambridge University Machin Colour Trials of 1969 by Tony Walker (L)
70 Plate 74 (Die 1): The Curious Tale of a Sheet of Stamps by Ray Simpson (L)
76 Perforation Fingerprints Part 1 by David B. Escott (L)
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Volume 48, Number 4

81 Archer Post‑Trial Plates: Plate 111 - A New Discovery by Ray Simpson (S)
82 Why One Penny? by Peter Young (M)
84 Plate Numbers 71-225 on cover by Abed H. Najjar (M)
87 Use of an Obliterator to Cancel a Mistake by Philip Robinson (M)
88 A Magdalen College Cover by Mark Talbot (M)
89 1d Plate 10 Perforation Experiment by Mike Jackson (N)
90 KEVIII 2½d Control Omitted - A New Find by Steve Bainbridge (S)
90 KEVII 1d Variety on R2/12 by Richard King (S)
91 1898 Request for Plate 77 by Peter G. Griffin (S)
92 Cambridge University Machin Colour Trials of 1969 by Tony Walker (L)
96 Perforation Fingerprints Part 2 by David B. Escott (L)
99 Perforation Fingerprints Part 3 by David B. Escott (L)
104 The Directory: International Stamp Traders' Directory and Handbook by Mike Jackson (R)
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Volume 48, Number 5

105 King Edward VII 1d Shades by Gordon Kegg (L)
118 Perforation Fingerprints Part 4 by David B. Escott (L)
122 It wasn't always 'Whoops'! Sometimes it was deliberate by Robert Johnson (M)
123 Cambridge University Machin Colour Trials of 1969 by Tony Walker (L)
128 A Two‑Faced Cover! by John Forbes‑Nixon (S)
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Volume 48, Number 6

129 Penny Black Plate 11 OG by Mike Jackson (M)
131 Perforation Fingerprints Part 5 by David B. Escott (L)
137 1856 One Shilling Green with extra 'o' variety by Abed H. Najjar (S)
137 Plate Numbers on Cover by John Burn (S)
138 A Telegraph Form Query by Arthur Weston (M)
139 Type 2 Perforator Development by John Gowland (M)
142 SG Specialised Vol. 4 Part 2, Queen Elizabeth II Decimal Definitive Issues, 10th edn. 2010 by Mike Jackson (R)
142 SG Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue, 25th edn, 2010 by Mike Jackson (R)
143 SG Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps, 26th edn, 2010 by Mike Jackson (R)
143 SG British Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue, 113th edn. 2011 by Mike Jackson (R)
143 de Beauregard & de Gorsse, The Stamp King by Mike Jackson (R)
144 The Edward VII De La Rue 1d Shade Confusion by Iain Yareham (L)
150 Why 'Heraldically' Incorrect? by Brian Livingstone (M)

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