Volume 37 (1999)

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Volume 37, Number 1

1 Were Line‑Engraved Plates Re‑used? by David Leivers (L)
8 Did Peebles lose its Numeral Canceller in 1862 or 1864? by F. W. Taylor (M)
10 Robert Folkard Collection at Phillips by Mike Jackson (M)
11 1839 Treasury Competition Essay at Phillips by Douglas N. Muir (S)
12 KGV Royal Cypher Plating by Leslie Wilkinson (N)
12 KGVI Varieties by Andrew Whitworth (S)
13 The 'Buccleuch Find' twopenny block offered for sale at Spink by Mike Jackson (S)
14 The 1879 Perforation Crisis: Conspiracy or Blunder? by Ray Simpson (L)
18 Tabeart, Robertson Revisited by Graeme Sherman (R)
19 Mackay, Under the Gum - Background to British Stamps 1840-1940 by Graeme Sherman (R)
19 Diebstahl et al, Pilfering, Protection and Perfins - an Aspect of the Line‑Engraved 2d by Graeme Sherman (R)
20 National Postal Museum Review of 1997/98 by Mike Jackson (R)
20 SG Collect British Stamps, 50th edn, 1998 by Mike Jackson (R)
20 SG Specialised Vol. 3, Queen Elizabeth II Pre‑Decimal Issues, 10th edn. 1998 by Mike Jackson (R)
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Volume 37, Number 2

21 QV Surface Printed 1855-83: A Check‑list of Coloured Die Proofs by Bob Galland (L)
28 New Mulready Advertisements by W. P. Bird (M)
30 Current Numbers by W. de L. M. Messenger (L)
36 Peebles' Cancelling Practice by David J. Herrity (M)
37 Peebles Cancelling Practice by Eric Whitehead (S)
37 Telegraph 3d Plate 3, Watermark Spray Inverted by W. P. Bird (N)
37 Telegraph 4d Imperf. by Bill Barrell (N)
37 'PO/Dept' Overprint on 1864 1d by Bill Barrell (N)
38 KGV Downey Head ½d Die 2, Watermark Crown, 'Scales' variety by W. P. Bird (N)
38 KGV Royal Cypher ½d, 'Break in Oval' variety by W. P. Bird (N)
38 KGV Block Cypher ½d Booklet Pane with Watermark Sideways‑Inverted by Tony Bellew (N)
39 The Use of Toned Paper on the Royal Cypher Issues 1917 to 1921 by Nick Peacock (M)
40 Fakes Forgeries Experts No. 1 by Mike Jackson (R)
40 General and Special Regulations & Guidelines by BPT Press Release (R)
40 SG Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps, 15th edn by Mike Jackson (R)
40 Whitworth, GB Postal Stationery, Price List of Registered Envelopes by Mike Jackson (R)
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Volume 37, Number 3

41 Stamps on Mauchline Ware Boxes by Derek Deadman (L)
48 The 1937 Coronation Stamp Flaws - Were They Deliberate? by Robin Restall (M)
50 1998 The Queen's Beasts - Missing Green by Mike Holt (N)
50 1929 PUC ½d flaw by John Pearce (N)
51 The 'Missing' Somerset House Rolls by Leslie Wilkinson (M)
53 A Survey of the 480-Crown Mill Sheet Paper Types 1880-1913 by Terry Pusterla (L)
58 Bath Postal Museum by Ivan Holliday (M)
60 Day and Night Work - A Postscript by W. de L. M. Messenger (M)
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Volume 37, Number 4

61 Overprinted Halfpenny Stamps of the Office of Works Department by Peter Mollett (L)
64 KGV Photogravure Sizes by W. de L. M. Messenger (L)
69 Sabey, British Empire Exhibition Stamps of 1924-1925 by Harry Dagnall (R)
69 Dagnall, Taxation of the Printed Word by Mike Jackson (R)
70 Hugh Feldman, Letter Receivers of London 1652 to 1857 by Harry Dagnall (R)
72 SG Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue, 14th edn, 1999 by Mike Jackson (R)
72 A Maltese Cross Variety by Philip Robinson (S)
73 Recent Fake Overprints by Ian Harvey (L)
76 A Survey of the 480-Crown Mill Sheet Paper Types 1880-1913 by Terry Pusterla (L)
80 KGV Photogravure: The Size Controversy by Harvey J. Russell (M)
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Volume 37, Number 5

81 A Dummy Newspaper Stamp by Harry Dagnall (S)
82 Varieties on the QV Jubilee 2½d by Robert J. Maushammer (M)
84 Variety Club News by Mike Jackson (R)
84 'The Bookmark' Catalogue of British Decimal Stamp Books by Mike Jackson (R)
86 A Survey of the 480-Crown Mill Sheet Paper Types 1880-1913 by Terry Pusterla (L)
90 KGV Photogravure 1d Printed on the Gummed Side by Harvey J. Russell (M)
92 A 19th Century Find - But What Is It? by George C. Russell (M)
93 KGV 1½d Booklet Stamps - Deepened Die by Leslie Wilkinson (S)
94 Lilac and Green Die Proofs: Vertical or Horizontal Format? by Bob Galland (M)
96 KGV Photogravure Sizes by Graeme Webster (M)
97 I. R. Taylor Letter Sheet - a Fifth Example by Karl Louis (N)
97 Penny Black Plate 4 - Variety on JE by Mike Batty (N)
97 Embossed Imprints by John W. Phillips (N)
98 1857 4d Rose on Thick Glazed Paper, Variety wmk Large Garter Inverted by Guy Kent (N)
98 Colour Trials of Revenue Stamps by Harry Dagnall (S)
98 'WITHIN WEIGHT' Handstamp by John Forbes‑Nixon (S)
98 KEVII 7d - over‑inked? by Harvey Wolfson (N)
99 The Commemoration Budget Letter Card by Colin Bishop (N)
99 KGV Royal Cypher ½d Plating by Dr Keith Dent (N)
99 1853 Government Trial Perforation Variety Imperf. Between by Andrew G. Lajer (N)
99 KGV Downey Head Halfpenny Die 1b - Flaw on N2c by Harvey Wolfson (N)
100 KGV Photogravure 1½d Booklet Stamp Variety by Andrew G. Lajer (N)
100 KGV Photogravure Sheet Printed Stamps with Inverted Watermark - A PS by Harvey J. Russell (C)
100 KGV Photogravure Sizes - Corrigenda by W. de L. M. Messenger (C)
101 KEVII One Penny Pin Flaws - Additional Data by Terry Pusterla (L)
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Volume 37, Number 6

104 KGV Seahorses: Bradbury Wilkinson Paper Trials 1920-21 by Graeme Webster (L)
112 KGV Experimental Paper 1924 by Alan Moorcroft (L)
115 KGV Photogravure 1d Printed on the Gummed Side by Graham Mark (S)
116 KGV Photogravure 1d Printed on the Gummed Side by Michael Sefi (S)
117 1988 Christmas, Eror of Value by Andrew G. Lajer (S)
117 'ULTRAMAR' overprint by Terry Pusterla (N)
117 D27 Numeral Cancellation by Winston Hollins (S)
117 1998 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Imperforate by Mike Holt (N)

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