Volume 50 (2012)

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Volume 50, Number 1

1 Varieties of the 1d Venetian Red by John Curtis (L)
5 Security Embossing by Novelli & Co. Again by Vincent West (S)
6 A Matched Pair of Turned 1d Pinks by Mike Jackson and John Randall (M)
8 Surface Printed First Day Covers by Bob Galland (M)
11 The Genesis of the Jubilee Envelope by John Davies (L)
19 A Favourite Cover by George Cafetzoglou (M)
22 The Mystery of the Horseshoe Specimen by David Leathart (M)
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Volume 50, Number 2

25 Penny Red Stars Used Abroad: A Plating Record (update) by Mike Batty (L)
34 New Revelations about Bradbury's 2s 6d Seahorses by Bryan Kearsley (L)
40 Late Use of the KEVII 1d Red Board of Trade perfin by Nick Wraith (M)
41 9d Straw Plate 4 First Day Cover by Nick Amor (M)
42 Unusual Usages of KGVI High Values by Robert Johnson (L)
47 A King Edward VII 1d Flaw by Howard Clayton (S)
48 1d Die 1, Plate 20, SJ: Triple Letter 'S' by Mike Batty (S)
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Volume 50, Number 3

49 The 1s Plate 5 and 6 Anomaly by Bob Galland (L)
57 1881 Boat Race by John Forbes‑Nixon (M)
58 Varieties of the 1d Venetian Red, Part 2 by John Curtis (M)
59 'Is this a Genuine Perforation Error?' by David B. Escott (M)
62 Radford Henry (Harry) Dagnall MA, AKC, FRPSL by Dr Alan Huggins (M)
64 1d Die 1, Plate 49 by Scott Treacey (M)
65 Cloth‑Covered Postmarks 1841-1906 by F. W. Taylor (L)
71 4d Vermilion varieties by David Kaiserman (S)
72 Bradbury's 2s 6d Seahorse Shades by Bryan Kearsley (C)
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Volume 50, Number 4

73 Downey Head 1d Die 1a Perf. 14 by Mike Jackson (L)
84 The First Postal Label of 1840? by John Forbes‑Nixon (M)
86 Surface Printed Postage Stamps 1855-1883, Corrections and Additions by Bob Galland and Karl Louis (L)
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Volume 50, Number 5

97 Early Post Office Express Mail by Austin Davis (L)
105 Robert Folkard FRICS, HonFRPSL by Dr Alan Huggins (M)
106 Helping to Identify KEVII Coated Papers by Ken McBride (M)
107 De La Rue Correspondence Books by Peter Young (N)
107 Corrections by Russell (C)
108 Postal Stationery 'Cut‑Outs' by Michael Lockton (L)
114 The Cambridge Colleges and the Post Office by Vincent West (M)
117 Handling Registered Mail at the Liverpool Censor's Office in WWI by Graham Mark (L)
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Volume 50, Number 6

121 States of the 2d Blue by Karl Louis (M)
123 Spurious Portsmouth Ship Letter Marking by Dr John K. Courtis (L)
127 SG Collect British Postmarks, 8th edn by Mike Jackson (R)
128 A 'Cut‑Out' Stationery Question by Ken Brown (M)
129 Seel and (Maybe) Ye Shall Find - A New Archer by Scott Kibby (M)
131 KGV Somerset House 6d (SG 426/426a) Plate 9 by Steve Bainbridge (M)
133 Downey Head 1d Die 1a Perf. 14 by David Kaiserman (M)
135 Maltese Crosses used in the London Inland Office during 1843 by Howard Hughes (L)

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