Volume 30 (1992)

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Volume 30, Number 1

1 Neglected Plate Varieties 1887-1913 by Marius Wlodarczyk (L)
6 Plating the Pictorial Aerogrammes by Andrew Whitworth (M)
7 United Kingdom to Europe by Alan M. Gilbert (S)
7 Early Line‑Engraved by Alan M. Gilbert (S)
7 'We all make mistakes' by Alan M. Gilbert (S)
8 Lee, The Penny Lilac, Part 2 by Mike Jackson (R)
8 SG Specialised Vol. 3, Queen Elizabeth II Decimal Special Issues, 2nd edn. 1991 by Mike Jackson (R)
8 SG Channel Islands Postal History Catalogue, 1st edn, 1991 by Mike Jackson (R)
9 Moy, The Use of the 1894 Coded Time System in English Provincial Offices by Mike Jackson (R)
9 Dagnall, Give Us Back Our Eleven Days by Mike Jackson (R)
9 The De La Rue Years takes the Philatelic 'Booker Prize' for 1991 (R)
9 The Work of Jeens and Chalon in a GB Collection by Mike Jackson (C)
10 The 1852-4 One Penny Die I. Plates 155-176 - The 'Unhardened' Plates by Robert Folkard and F. M. Johnson (L)
17 Research material found in RPS vault by Michael Brooks (S)
17 British Library receives Lundy philatelic archive by British Library (S)
18 The steel engraving plates for the 1d Black and 2d Blue by W. de L. M. Messenger (S)
18 1990 1d Black miniature sheet error by Mike Holt (S)
18 1929 PUC halfpenny variety by John Welch (N)
19 PUC £1 variety by Paul Skinner (N)
19 Wilding 6d bisect by R. V. Eden (N)
19 Royal Cypher 5d coil stamp by Leslie Wilkinson (N)
19 Block Cypher 1½d variety by Leslie Wilkinson (N)
19 KGVI 1d booklet cylinder numbers by Pete West and Ian Harvey (S)
20 Flaw on Twopence Plate 4 perforated by Robert Folkard (S)
20 An interesting postmark by A. J. Kirk (S)
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Volume 30, Number 2

21 Perforation Varieties of the Die II Alphabet III One Penny by Don Madden (M)
22 Shades of 1d red 'stars' - a cri de coeur by W. de L. M. Messenger (S)
23 King George VI Definitives - Introduction by Reg Sanders (M)
24 Transitional Colours of Alphabet III by H. W. Palmer (L)
27 1841 2d Plate 4 - 'C‑over‑D' by Peter G. Griffin (S)
28 Perkins, Bacon Revenues of Great Britain and Ireland by Alan M. Gilbert (S)
28 Numeral Chargemark Handstamps of the British Posts to 1850 by Peter Chadwick (S)
29 London Post Receivers by Hugh Feldman (S)
30 Millener & Savage, Undated Circular Marks of Somerset and Dorset by Mike Jackson (R)
30 SG Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps, 8th edn. by Mike Jackson (R)
30 The KGV Mystery Tramlines by Graham Mark (S)
31 Penny Lilac bisects by Jean Alexander (N)
31 The £1 Green SG 212 stamp JD by Peter G. Griffin (N)
31 KGVI 1d booklet cylinder numbers by Mike Jackson (C)
31 Stamps for charity by Harry Dagnall (N)
32 Some unusual items from Phillips by Mike Jackson (M)
34 Avoiding high postal rates, etc by M. R. Hewlett (M)
35 1887 5d Die 1 by Peter G. Griffin (S)
35 KGV Silver Jubilee 1½d variety by Ross Candlish (N)
35 1841 2d Blue, Plate 3, NE by R. V. Eden (N)
35 Rarity of certain Line‑Engraved plates by Tony Finch (S)
35 Royal Cypher 1½d 'THREF' variety by Leslie Wilkinson (N)
36 Plating the Pictorial Aerogrammes by Andrew Whitworth (M)
37 Early Private Letter Cards by Michael Lockton (M)
38 Double‑Ring Datestamps with Star by M. H. Gould (M)
39 The 1872 1s Green Plate 6 by John W. Phillips (S)
40 An Entire from Kingsbridge by Ernest Skelly (M)
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Volume 30, Number 3

41 From Our New President by Alan M. Gilbert (S)
42 Crown Watermarked Paper Used From 1855 to 1879 by Don Madden (L)
51 Purphilex 92 by Alan M. Gilbert (S)
51 Royal Cypher varieties by F. R. Badcock (N)
52 The Real Cost of Postage by Harry Dagnall (M)
53 Morgan, Royal Household Mail by Mike Jackson (R)
53 National Postal Museum, The Philatelic Year 1991 by Mike Jackson (R)
54 SG Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue, 7th edn. by Mike Jackson (R)
54 Dagnall, The Taxes on Knowledge by A. J. Kirk (R)
54 Donald, Posts of Sevenoaks in Kent by T. S. Jones (R)
54 The Harry Dagnall 'Thank You' Award by Alan M. Gilbert (N)
55 Plating the Pictorial Aerogrammes by Andrew Whitworth (M)
56 'Budget' and 'County' Letter Cards by Jean Alexander (M)
58 1d Red, Die II, Plate 56 by W. de L. M. Messenger (N)
58 Double‑ring datestamps with star by Leslie Kewley (N)
58 Budget Letter Card by John Welch (N)
59 Modern QEII Varieties by Mike Holt (M)
60 Penny Blacks and Mulreadys - Early Dates by R. M. Willcocks (M)
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Volume 30, Number 4

61 Programme 1992-93 (S)
61 Comment by Mike Jackson (E)
62 King George VI Definitives by Reg Sanders (M)
63 The KEVII Threehalfpence by Trevor Harris (L)
68 Arundel, Spoon Cancels 1853-1870 by Mike Jackson (R)
68 Waterlow Procedures - KGVI 'Arms' to 'Festival' High Values by Mike Jackson (R)
68 SG Specialised Vol. 1, Queen Victoria, 10th edn. 1992 by Mike Jackson (R)
69 Plating the Pictorial Aerogrammes by Andrew Whitworth (S)
69 Penny Lilac - 'Inverted' Control Letter X by A. J. Kirk (S)
70 KGV Downey Head Plating Study by Mike Jackson (M)
72 GB Used in Monaco by Jerold M. Massier (M)
74 1s Green & Carmine on Cover by H. G. Parsons (S)
74 KGVI 'Arms' 5s - New 'T' Guides by Gerry Bater (S)
76 De La Rue's Embossed Dummy Stamp by Peter Young (M)
78 Customs and Excise philatelic correspondence to British Library by British Library (N)
79 The Budget Letter Card by Frank Daniel (N)
79 KGV missing pin by Mike Jackson (N)
79 Double‑ring datestamps with star by Ian Baker (N)
79 'Broken pins' on Alphabet III stamps by Patricia Lyon (N)
80 Mystery Labels on a Registered Cover by Derrick Cunliffe (M)
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Volume 30, Number 5

81 Postal Fiscals by Lionel D. Jones (M)
83 Identifying Seahorses by Leslie Wilkinson (S)
84 King George VI Definitives by Reg Sanders (M)
85 Mysterious 1840 Cover by Gilbert Wheat (L)
89 Rainbow Trials by David Rowse (M)
90 KGVI 'Festival' Five Shillings by Gerry Bater (M)
92 KGVI and QEII Booklet Panes of Two by Pete West and Ian Harvey (M)
94 Royal Cypher ½d - new plate marking by Graham Mark (N)
95 Are You Foolish Enough to Collect According to the French School? by Harry Dagnall (N)
95 Downey Head - extra row of perforations by Dr John Rundo (N)
96 The 'Jubilee' Tenpence of Queen Victoria by Brian Hazell (M)
98 Charge on a Registered Letter to Lugano by David Robinson (S)
98 Downey caricature by Jim Hanson (N)

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