Volume 55 (2017)

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Volume 55, Number 1

1 Selwyn College Messenger Stamps: Two Transfer Types by David Sigee (L)
7 Quicker and Cheaper by Sea! by John Forbes‑Nixon (M)
8 Sheet Position of the 4d QV Jubilee Variety K33h by Phil Waud (M)
11 A 2d Blue Problem: A Possible Solution to the Trapezoidal Appearance by John A. McCulloch (L)
18 10d Embossed used in Re‑Issue Period – more examples by Peter McCann (L)
22 First Type Post Office Express Labels by Austin Davis (M)
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Volume 55, Number 2

25 Perforating Machines: The 1875 Continuous Feed Mechanism Experiment by Ray Simpson (M)
28 Remarkable and Rare 'Hatch Patch' Flaws on the 1937 Coronation Stamp by Robin Restall (M)
30 A Post‑Second World War Diplomatic Bag Label by Maurice Buxton (M)
32 KGV Royal Cypher Imperforate ½d Ink Trial by Leslie Wilkinson and Peter Tanner (M)
34 £3 Enschedé Castle with Missing Queen's Head by Peter Shaw (S)
35 Free First Day Cover of the new Edward VIII stamps by David Kaiserman (M)
36 De La Rue 2s 6d Wilding Castle Inverted Watermark by Peter Shaw (M)
38 Meter Franking: New Discoveries, Rarities and Bibliography by Mike Jackson (L)
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Volume 55, Number 3

49 Prince Consort Essay Perforation Fingerprints by David B. Escott (L)
52 Who printed the Prince Consort Essays? by Mike Jackson (S)
53 Scottish Barred Numeral 351 Postmark Puzzle by John Hine (L)
58 A Record of the Alnwick Stamp Office Archive during Early May 1840 by Anthony Wicks and Mike Jackson (L)
72 8d Surface Printed Stamps Overprinted Specimen: Matched Pair by Bob Galland (M)
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Volume 55, Number 4

73 Last Day‑First Day by Theo Brauers (M)
75 Antique Stamp Vending Machine by Dave Cox (L)
84 Wrappers to Nicaragua by Dr John K. Courtis (L)
88 KGV Type 6 Dot Pane Perforations by John Gowland (L)
94 Overprints on the Delivery Company Stamps by Mark Talbot (M)
96 1840 1d Black Plate 6 DL – Constant Varieties by Gerald Calver (M)
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Volume 55, Number 5

97 Early Compensation‑Rated Inland Registered Mail by Austin Davis (L)
103 6d Embossed and Surface Printed 1857 by Peter McCann (M)
104 Embossed Covers with 'PF' Marks by Max Melrose (L)
107 KEVII 2d – Flaw on 'T' of 'POSTAGE' by David Kaiserman (S)
108 KEVII Varieties by Marius Wlodarczyk (M)
109 KGV Block Cypher Varieties by Marius Wlodarczyk (M)
111 English and Irish Magnetic Telegraph Company Stamps by Steve Panting (L)
119 An Archer Cover Reveals Its Secrets by Ray Simpson (M)
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Volume 55, Number 6

121 1d 'Provisional Perf. 16' (SG 36, SG Spec. C11) – An Interim Report by Graham Stockdale (L)
129 Notes on London Postmarks by Stephen Teuma (M)
132 Crimean War Mail Postal Fraud by Alexios Papadopoulos (M)
134 An Unrecorded Archer Document by Ray Simpson (L)
141 1840 1d Black Plate 11 lettered CF by Lawrence Haber (M)

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