Volume 29 (1991)

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Volume 29, Number 1

1 Message from the Outgoing President by John Levett (E)
2 KEVII Penny Plate 58 by Michael Brooks (M)
4 The Steel Engraving Plates for the 1d Black and 2d Blue by David Rowse (L)
8 Plating the Pictorial Aerogrammes by Andrew Whitworth (M)
9 Wilson, History of the Post in Derby 1635-1941 by Harry Dagnall (R)
10 Booth, Catalogue of the Revenue Stamps of the United Kingdom by Harry Dagnall (R)
10 Sussex, Introducing Postal History by Harry Dagnall (R)
11 SG Collect British Stamps, 42nd edn. by Mike Jackson (R)
11 SG Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps, 7th edn. by Mike Jackson (R)
11 National Postal Museum, The Philatelic Year 1989 by Mike Jackson (R)
11 Robinson, For the Port and Carriage of Letters: A Practical Guide to the Inland and Foreign Postage Rates of the British Isles 1570 to 1840 by Mike Jackson (R)
11 Lovegrove, 'Herewith My Frank ...', 2nd edn by Mike Jackson (R)
12 15 September 1990 - the opening meeting by Alan M. Gilbert (S)
13 Visit to Bishops Stortford & District Philatelic Society by Leslie Wilkinson (S)
13 The Reign of Queen Victoria by A. J. Kirk (N)
14 The back of the book by A. J. Kirk (S)
14 The President's Display by Alan M. Gilbert (S)
15 A Premature Postcard by John Forbes‑Nixon (S)
15 KGV Notes by Leslie Wilkinson (S)
16 Essay for a Postcard Certifying Stamp by Harry Dagnall (M)
18 Surface Printed on Cover by Gilbert Wheat (N)
18 Stamp distribution in 1840 by R. M. Willcocks (N)
18 Surface printed watermark varieties and survival rates in general by Robert J. Maushammer (S)
18 1990 1d black miniature sheet - recess printing omitted by Mike Holt (N)
18 PUC twopence‑halfpenny variety by Martin Fairhurst (N)
19 The 'M and P Holding' sale by Mike Jackson (S)
19 Royal Cypher letter codes by Mike Jackson (S)
19 Royal Cypher 1d variety by Martin Fairhurst (N)
20 The First Express Post Label by Michael Lockton (M)
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Volume 29, Number 2

21 The 1856-1883 Surface Printed Sixpenny Stamps by Harry Dagnall (M)
23 The First Days of May 1840 by Harmers of London (S)
24 1d black on 1 May 1840 cover by W. C. Earl (S)
25 1d black on 2 May 1840 cover by Harmers Auctions SA (S)
25 Availability of 1d blacks by Tony Finch (S)
26 Surface Printed Bisects by Peter Young (M)
27 Wembley 1d 'roulette' by Peter G. Griffin (S)
28 Thoughts on the GBPS & GBJ by W. A. Wiseman (M)
30 Dr R. W. Powell, FRPSL by Mike Jackson (S)
30 9d Govt Parcels by T. G. C. Dougherty (S)
31 Did Anything Happen in 1867? by W. de L. M. Messenger (S)
31 Kane, Uniform Fourpenny Post in Ireland by Mike Jackson (R)
31 National Postal Museum, The Philatelic Year 1990 by Mike Jackson (R)
32 Neglected Plate Varieties 1887-1913 by Marius Wlodarczyk (L)
35 Plating the Pictorial Aerogrammes by Andrew Whitworth (M)
38 Inverted watermarks of the 'Castle' issues by The Lord Spens (S)
38 Inverted watermarks of the 'Castle' issues by Alan Wilson (N)
38 1d red plate 165 by G. Chappell (N)
39 1855 2d blue partially imperf. by H & B Philatelists Ltd (N)
39 Survival rates of Victorian stamps by Peter Chadwick (S)
39 Express Delivery Service by Vivien Sussex (S)
40 KGV broken pins by Brian Price (N)
40 KGV broken pins by Allan Jones (S)
40 4d with wing margin on cover by Dr John L. Hart (S)
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Volume 29, Number 3

41 It's Friends That Count - Stamps Don't Matter by Harry Dagnall (E)
42 Guest Editorial by Our New Hon. Secretary by Phil Kenton (E)
42 Connoisseur Catalogue of Machin Stamps, 8th edn. (supplement) by Harry Dagnall (R)
42 SG Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue, 6th edn. by Mike Jackson (R)
42 1d Block Cypher CANCELLED Type 28 by Ross Candlish (N)
43 British Newspaper Sent Abroad by George W. Smith (S)
43 KGVI 1d booklet pane by Mike Moran (N)
44 A Newspaper and the Infamous Tax by Reg Sanders (S)
44 Annoying Inconsistencies by Harry Dagnall (M)
46 Colour Trials of the 1884 2d by John W. Phillips (S)
47 Plating the Pictorial Aerogrammes by Andrew Whitworth (M)
48 Returned Letter Forms by R. M. Willcocks (M)
50 Returned letters by Harry Dagnall (S)
51 Large Crown Watermarks: Types I and II by Don Madden (S)
52 Charles Dickens Testimonial Label by Michael Brooks (L)
56 Usages of the Surface Printed issues by Alan M. Gilbert (S)
56 Proofs and Stamps of King Edward VII by Alan M. Gilbert (S)
56 Booklet Issues - KGV to QEII by Alan M. Gilbert (S)
56 The Surface Printed Issues by Alan M. Gilbert (S)
57 Provincial meeting in Newcastle‑upon‑Tyne - 13 April 1991 by Tony Walker (S)
57 Early use of 1d blacks by A. C. Hart (N)
58 KGV Royal Cypher letter codes by Mike Jackson (S)
58 Surface printed sixpenny plate 7 by Harry Dagnall (N)
58 Changes of watermark by E. G. Walker (N)
58 1d Royal Cypher plates by Steve Bainbridge (S)
59 Shakespeare dummy stamps by Mike Holt (N)
59 A Problem Express Cover by Vivien Sussex (S)
60 Sir Rowland Hill by Phillips (S)
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Volume 29, Number 4

61 De La Rue and their Artists' Drawings by Peter Young (L)
67 Distinctive Maltese Crosses by Peter G. Griffin (N)
68 Newspaper Notes by Harry Dagnall (M)
69 Die Flaw on the Engraved Stamps of Victoria? by George W. Smith (M)
70 Ronald Cecil Alcock by Robert Tyrrell (S)
71 Danzig, Cancellations of the 1841 Penny Red by Mike Jackson (R)
72 SG Specialised Vol. 4, Queen Elizabeth II Decimal Definitive Issues, 6th edn. 1991 by Mike Jackson (R)
72 Catalogue of the Crawford Library of Philatelic Literature at the British Library by British Library (R)
72 Wembley Coil Stamps by Alan Sabey (M)
74 Surface Printed Bisects by Peter Chadwick (M)
76 Definition of 'Abnormal' by Peter Chadwick (S)
76 KGVI 1d booklet cylinder F9 by Dr John Rundo (N)
76 KGVI 1d booklet cylinder F9 by Malcolm Sprei (N)
76 Railway Express Service by Graham Mark (S)
77 KEVII 3d offset variety by R. V. Eden (N)
77 KGVI 2d variety by Bill Barrell (N)
77 One Shilling SG 101 - early date by Mike Moran (N)
78 Downey Head 1d Die 1b variety by Martin Fairhurst (N)
78 Downey Head ½d Die 1b variety by Ross Candlish (N)
78 Royal Cypher 2½d coil stamp? by F. R. Badcock (N)
78 KGV broken pins by Peter Tanner (N)
78 KGV Royal Cypher letter codes by Peter Strong (N)
79 Royal Cypher 1½d frame break by Martin Fairhurst (N)
79 Royal Cypher ½d SG N14u variety by Brian Price (N)
79 Royal Cypher ½d plate 72 by Steve Bainbridge (N)
79 Royal Cypher 1d variety by Bill Barrell (N)
79 Royal Cypher 4d varieties by Peter Tanner (N)
80 Mulready Woodblock by Harmers of London (S)
80 KEVIII Threehalfpence Imperf. by Reg Sanders (S)
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Volume 29, Number 5

81 Programme 1991-1992 (N)
81 J. Silkin, FRPSL by A. J. Kirk (S)
81 Leonard F. Newbery by Jean Alexander (S)
82 A King George V Mystery by Ernest Skelly (M)
85 An Interesting Postmark by A. J. Kirk (M)
86 The Work of Jeens and Chalon in a GB Collection by George W. Smith (M)
88 Computers and Philately - 1 Writing up a Collection by Mike Jackson (L)
92 A Study of the Fifty Pence Cylinder Booklets by Steve Bainbridge (M)
95 King George VI Definitives: Halfpenny Cylinder 3 - The Cutting Line by Reg Sanders (M)
96 1929 PUC ½d value by Peter G. Griffin (S)
96 Twopence line engraved by Charles Y. Reid (S)
97 KGV notes by Leslie Wilkinson (N)
97 Langmead Collection to British Library by British Library (S)
97 Wembley coil stamps by Peter G. Griffin (N)
97 1d red‑brown Die II Alphabet II Plate 18 Imperf wmk Large Crown Inv. by Charles Y. Reid (N)
98 Line Engraved 1d Dies I and II: an Unrecorded Difference by Mike Williams (S)
98 Moss, Collector's Guide to the Care and Repair of Books and Documents by Mike Jackson (R)

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