Volume 35 (1997)

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Volume 35, Number 1

1 1864 Penny Plates - Repair to Plate 124 by Winston Hollins (L)
7 Express Mail 1891-1899 by Austin Davis (M)
10 Numbered Maltese Crosses by Michael Lockton (M)
11 Mixed Numbers in Maltese Crosses by Karl Louis (S)
12 King George VI 'Arms' High Values by Gerry Bater (M)
14 KGV - Photogravure 1½d Cylinder 116 by Harvey J. Russell (M)
16 QV 4½d Jubilee used on Inland Mail by Austin Davis (M)
17 Tonna, Penny Red Stars, Part 2 - KA to TL by Andrew Goodman (R)
18 SG Specialised Vol. 4, Queen Elizabeth II Decimal Definitive Issues, 8th edn. 1997 by Mike Jackson (R)
18 SG Collect British Stamps, 48th edn. by Mike Jackson (R)
18 SG Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps, 13th edn. by Mike Jackson (R)
18 Variety Club News by Mike Jackson (R)
19 Postal Stationery Wrappers by Harry Dagnall (M)
20 1903 Striking Book proof for booklets by Andrew G. Lajer (N)
20 Constant varieties in Block Cypher controls by Graham Mark (N)
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Volume 35, Number 2

21 Two More Imprimaturs from Plate 53 by Don Madden (S)
22 Reversed Letters and other Date Slug Varieties by David Robinson (M)
23 Philip d'Arcy by R. M. Willcocks (S)
24 Twopence Plate 8 by Winston Hollins (L)
30 Letter Sheets Relating to Corn Returns by Harry Dagnall (M)
33 Queen Victoria £1 - Variety on Stamp JB by Geoffrey Raspin (M)
34 De La Rue Castles 2s 6d Offset by D. F. Evans (M)
36 1900 Telegram Prepaid with 93 Postage Stamps by Vivien Sussex (M)
37 Midland (GB) PHS, Map of the Postroads of England and Wales by Mike Jackson (R)
37 SG Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue, 12th edn. by Mike Jackson (R)
37 A01 cancellation by Karl Louis (N)
38 KGV Photogravure Booklet Panes by Ian Harvey (S)
38 Was this designed by a philatelist? by Harry Dagnall (N)
39 KEVII ½d with inverted watermark by Harvey Wolfson (N)
39 Guillotined Machin by Harvey Wolfson (N)
39 Marginal line on Plate 204 by Patricia Lyon (N)
40 Block Cypher controls by Allan Jones (N)
40 Penny Red Die 1, Plate 79, Stamp HI by Mike Batty (N)
40 Plating the Line‑Engraved stamps by W. de L. M. Messenger (N)
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Volume 35, Number 3

41 British Stamp Booklets: Front Cover Advertising by Jean Alexander (M)
43 Die Proofs of December 1866 by Bob Galland (M)
46 Suggestions to Prevent the Re‑use of Stamps by Harry Dagnall (S)
47 QV Jubilee 4½d - Varieties on the Left‑side 'C' Pane Stamps by Robert J. Maushammer (L)
52 Curious 'Used' Stamps by Karl Louis (M)
55 Registered Label No. 1 by F. W. Taylor (M)
56 Editor's Amendments to Penny Red Stars, Part 2, KA‑TL by G. C. Tonna by Don Madden (M)
57 KGV Photogravure ½d perf. type by Mike Jackson (N)
57 KGV Photogravure variety by Harvey J. Russell (N)
57 KGV Photogravure 1½d booklet stamp variety by Jack Clark (N)
58 KGV Photogravure - some notes on perf. types by Harvey J. Russell (M)
59 KGV Photogravure inverted watermarks by Alan Wilson (N)
59 KGV Photogravure booklet panes by Ian Harvey (N)
60 Die II, Alphabet III, C8 colour shades by G. C. Tonna (N)
60 Die II, Alphabet III, C7 discovery: Plate 31 by Don Madden (N)
60 Mackay, British Victorian Stamps by Mike Jackson (R)
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Volume 35, Number 4

61 The Correct Address by Mike Jackson (S)
62 Alphabet 5 Penny Plates by W. de L. M. Messenger (L)
69 KGV Photogravure Cylinder Numbering by Harvey J. Russell (M)
71 Origin of the Double & Duplex Cancellations by Harry Dagnall (M)
74 Bedlington Penny Post by F. W. Taylor (L)
80 1d Die 1, Plate 20 (SJ): Triple Check Letter 'S' by Mike Batty (S)
80 OUS overprint query by Ian MacArthur (N)
80 KGV Royal Cypher ½d plate flaw by Ian MacArthur (N)
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Volume 35, Number 5

81 Reversed Large Crown Watermarks by Don Madden (M)
82 New Plate Combination of the KEVII 5d by W. A. Wiseman (L)
86 1864 Penny Plates by W. A. Wiseman (S)
86 Line‑Engraved Stamp Plates: Withdrawal from Press and Defacement by Ray Simpson (L)
90 Robson Lowe by Dr Alan Huggins (M)
92 Statham, Essential Guide to the GB Line Engraved 1d and 2d Stars 1840-1864 by Graeme Sherman (R)
92 SG Specialised Vol. 1, Queen Victoria, 11th edn. 1997 by Mike Jackson (R)
92 National Postal Museum Review of 1996 by Harry Dagnall (R)
93 Akerman and Booth, Judicial Stamps of Great Britain & Pre-1922 Ireland by Harry Dagnall (R)
94 Benjamin, History of Envelopes by Harry Dagnall (R)
95 KGV Photogravure Booklet Pane Advertisements by Ian Harvey (M)

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