Volume 43 (2005)

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Volume 43, Number 1

1 Penny Black Plate 1b Mint Blocks by Karl Louis (M)
4 Dr Robert Champion by Christopher G. Harman (M)
5 A Tale of Prussian Blues by Ken McBride (M)
8 A Question of Numbers by Alan Musry (M)
11 Postcards bought before the First Day of Use by Harry Dagnall (S)
11 MArch or MAy? by David Turner (S)
12 Toned Paper by W. de L. M. Messenger (N)
12 Prussiate of Potash - correction by Mike Jackson (C)
12 KGVI 3d Control 'Ghost' by John Gowland (S)
13 Pattern Post by Robert Johnson (L)
19 Large Crown Watermark: Types I and II on C10-13 by Robert J. Maushammer (L)
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Volume 43, Number 2

25 Some Further Thoughts on LCI and LCII Watermarks and on Plating by W. de L. M. Messenger (M)
27 QV 1887 ½d Vermilion by Terry Pusterla (S)
27 King Edward VII 1s Die Proof of Frame by Andrew G. Lajer (S)
28 An 1840 Freight Money Usage by Richard Frajola (M)
30 1857 Mixed Franking by Philip Robinson (M)
31 Courtney, The Queen's Stamps: The Authorised History of the Royal Philatelic Collection by Harry Dagnall (R)
31 Messenger, The Line‑Engraved Halfpenny by John Harding (R)
33 West, The Post Office and the Colleges by John Harding (R)
34 O'Keeffe, Great Britain: The GB "Foreign" Rate Postcards 1875-1899 by Harry Dagnall (R)
35 Bortfeldt, Royal Cypher Labels 1701-1922 by Harry Dagnall (R)
36 A Photogravure Puzzle by Harvey J. Russell (M)
37 Line‑Engraved Perforation and Other Matters by W. A. Wiseman (M)
39 KGVI 3d Cylinder 21 no dot/Control L42 by Janet Bygate (S)
40 Used Budget Letter Card by Michael Peach (S)
40 'Haste Post Haste' by Andrew Claridge (S)
42 Line‑Engraved Notes by Paul Witham and David Lewthwaite (M)
43 Multipositives for the KGV Photogravure Halfpenny by Alan Wilson (M)
44 £5 Orange 'Serpentine Flaw' on Stamp BN by Mike Jackson (M)
46 Rare Surface Printed Stamps on Cover: The LH‑FL Error by Bob Galland and Karl Louis (M)
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Volume 43, Number 3

49 A Second 'Duke of Wellington 1847 Postcard' by James Grimwood‑Taylor (M)
51 A Distinctive Maltese Cross of Newcastle upon Tyne by F. W. Taylor (M)
52 Mrs Georgina Elizabeth Kermode by Jean Alexander (L)
55 Four cut sides by Terry Pusterla (S)
56 Overseas Letter Forwarded with a 1d Black by James Grimwood‑Taylor (M)
57 Alderfer & Rosenblum, Introduction to the Stamps of Great Britain by Harry Dagnall (R)
58 Royal Mail, The First Elizabeth II Castle High Value Definitives by Mike Jackson (R)
58 SG Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps, 21st edn, 2005 by Mike Jackson (R)
59 1841 1d Plate 171, SJ by David Lewthwaite (S)
59 QV Stamped‑to‑Order Postcard by H. G. Barstow (S)
59 Unrecorded Parcel Mark? by Harvey J. Russell (S)
60 2d Part‑Imperforate by Andrew Claridge (S)
60 1841 2d Blue Plate 3 Variety by H. G. Barstow (S)
60 £5 Orange Plate Flaws by Mike Jackson (S)
61 Vetting GB Officials by Michael Astley (M)
64 One Shilling Green and Carmine of 1900 with inverted GOVT. PARCELS by Michael Astley (M)
65 A Remarkable Coincidence by Gerald Calver (M)
66 1d Die 2, Plate 51, Repaired Impressions by Dr Alfred Thomas (L)
72 Lundy Island Telegraph Creations by Sam Lawrence (M)
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Volume 43, Number 4

73 The Rainbows: Wax or Wane? by Winston Hollins (L)
80 One Shilling Green and Carmine of 1900 with inverted GOVT. PARCELS by Karl Louis (L)
87 Exported on Drawback by Max Melrose (M)
88 Repeated Double Perforation by Mike Batty (M)
89 KEVII One Penny - New Pin Flaw P17 by Terry Pusterla (M)
90 SG Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue, 20th edn by Mike Jackson (R)
90 Buckingham, Nauru 1915-1923: A Study of the Adhesives of Great Britain overprinted for use in Nauru by Mike Jackson (R)
91 Returned Letter Wrappers by Bob Galland and Dick Armstrong (L)
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Volume 43, Number 5

97 1d Die 1, Plate 66, AD - 'D over A' by Peter Maskrey (S)
98 Double Heads by Peter Worsfold (L)
101 W. de L. M. Messenger by Mike Jackson (S)
102 Harrison Roll Testing Labels with Perfins by Jack Clark (S)
102 2d Blue Plate 4 - 'P' Flaw by Peter Maskrey (S)
103 From Hill to Bickerdike: The Experimental and Early Machine Postmarks by Jerry H. Miller (L)
119 Barred Oval 'Trial Cancellations' by Meirion F. Lewis (M)
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Volume 43, Number 6

121 Midland (GB) PHS, The Midland Counties Mileage Marks and Mail Routes to London 1784-1840 by Mike Jackson (R)
122 Returned Letter Wrappers by Bob Galland and Dick Armstrong (L)
136 1d Plate 11, TI by Mike Jackson (S)
136 1d Die 1 lettered JK, Plate 148? by Kevin Maunder (S)
137 1d Die 2, Alphabet 2, Plate 18 imperforate - two new examples by Bill Barrell (S)
137 Barred numeral used in 1937 by John Gowland (S)
137 More security embossing by Novelli & Co. by Vincent West (N)
138 Kearsley, Discovering Seahorses by Leslie Wilkinson (R)
139 SG Specialised Vol. 2, King Edward VII to King George VI, 12th edn. 2005 by Ken McBride (R)

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